Hi! We’re Dakyron and Amy

Building our dream life

Welcome to our page ! We’re glad you’re here.


We are 20 years old. We started dating in May of 2020, got engaged in June of 2021 and got married on September 11th, 2021. We did long distance for most of our relationship, till July of 2021. We now live together and we’re currently working on reaching our goals both individually and as a couple. We both dream big, so we’re working on building a successful lifestyle together.


We first met our sophomore year, but never really talked. We started talking when he added me on Snapchat, and I eventually added him back. We met right before Covid really hit so it was hard for us to see each other for a few months, but we made it work. We make a pretty good team and work very well together.

Forever In Our Hearts  —

Izzy and Lily were Holland lop bunny and Sidon and Saige were our American/European Great Danes.

We bought Izzy back in July of 2021, she was our first pet and we got Sidon in September of 2021, and Saige on October 29th of 2021 and lastly, we got Lily in February of 2022 so Izzy could have a friend.

Although we no longer have them we still love and miss them very much. Life hit us harder than expected and unfortunately we had to rehome them. We didn’t put much thought into it when we got our pets. We still had a lot growing up to do and then life happened and we weren’t prepared. They went to amazing homes and we still keep in touch with their new parents ! After working on ourselves a little and when we were more stable we got our dog Enzo. He has been and is the easiest and smartest thing ever. He’s so full of life. You can follow Enzo’s little journey by clicking below!

All About Enzo


Enzo is an F1BB standard Aussiedoodle. He was born February 27th, 2022 and was brought home April 29th, 2022.

He is such a fun dog and very smart. Like, he’ll outsmart you ! So far he knows sit, down, stay, wait, come, paw, wave, spin, roll over, and he’s currently learning to play dead, we’ll update it when he fully learns it lol.

To keep up with Enzo follow his Instagram and TikTok, just click on one of the icons below !