Big Warm Hello To You All 🌻

It’s a beautiful day to go after your dreams ✨

I’m just here to introduce myself as a beauty advisor who has been given the opportunity of a lifetime to partner with a vegan based company. Partnering with them allows me to be able to provide top of the line hair, skin & wellness products & the knowledge to help you find your foundation.
To introduce myself a lil more ; I spend most of my days motivated & motivating those around me, including my team, my family, & my partner in love with better days to come. I live my life freely with time on my hands. With my time i do a lot of self care & love every minute of it . For me , what I do is so much more then just a job ... this something I picture myself doing for years to come. It allows me to help others have not only a healthier lifestyle, but a wealthier lifestyle also. I honestly couldn’t imagine doing anything else .
I’m very passionate about my family & loved ones , spreading positivity everywhere & to everyone, helping others boost their love of self . One thing that makes me happy is knowing I have the ability to make someone else just as happy ! I am always trying to figure out a way to take care of my 3 younger sisters , mom , dad , & my nanas . My family , My lover & my parents are my biggest supporters in ALL i do . They deserve it all !
Anywho - enough about me, that’s not even half of my story. I would love to know more about you & all of your passions & motivation . Please if interested in more of what my occupation is & how you can be apart of joining me feel free to message me anytime !