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Hi loves, my name is Michelle and I'm a tarot reader and a Witch who loves what she does and wants to help with her gift to everyone who needs it

HiBABES, my name is Michelle, but I'm know as The Baby Witch Del Tarot in YouTube or Lababywitchpr on instagram and I'm also known on tiktok as therealbabywitchdeltarotpr26.
I am a tarot reader and I also have a line for protection and cleansing products as well as a line of hand made jewelry known as keakalijewerly on Instagram. For personal readigns inquiries please click on the link down below for appointment . Thank you


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What exactly is tarot? A game? A tool for divination? What if I tell you that tarot is your magic displayed on a card. Allowing us to see past the human eye. You have to connect and find your center . Allowing yourself to disconnect and engage with energies . Is a gift and a power, that should be used carefully. In my path I've experienced so many beautiful thing's. My tarot readings are for guidance and clarity . Allowing me to help those who cant see what I see.. Follow and subscribe to my youtube channel and social medias . And allow me to help you see what you think is impossible. Magic is real 🔮💕


Did you know that spirits can't, harm you, touch you or enter your home without your permission? You must know that as energies we can control more than meets the eyes. You must have confidence in your words while casting any negativity in your home or off of you. You have the power to move mountains if you truly believed. Witchcraft is not evil, peoples intention can. But if your heart and intentions are grounded and aligned with your purpose you can have a gift that will lead those who need it the most. Dont be afraid of the dark, dont be afraid at all. As you have the power to invite or cast anything is not welcome in your home or energies. Repeat after me: I'm magic and with the power given to me by the universe, I surround myself, my home and everyone who lives in it with white gold light. With this said I cast away anything that doesnt match my energies. This is my home and my place and no spirit is allowed to enter unless I say otherwise. With my words I seal this light as a shield of protection keeping only the good and the Angel's near me. With no doubt ,go away and you shall no enter ever again.

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Cleaning Energies

Sage For cleansing spaces

My favorite product to cleanse My home,tarot decks and Crystals is Sage. Even tho there's different kind of sage;such as lavender, white or dragon's blood sage. My top favorite is the White sage. Not only witches can use this. There's many cultures and religions who utilize sage as a tool to cleanse energies or a space. You can find sage mostly everywhere. But be careful, not every sage bundle is authentic. Make sure to purchase your sage from a trustworthy source. Palo santo is another option. As well.