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La Beautè® (LaBè) is a fashion label studio founded by Meà Stars. This small activities has been running since September 2020. Our trademark, 'Creèr pour le style' which means the creation of our fashion is all created by the style.

LaBè® was in collaboration with EDIT Fashion. The coexisting of this two name start off from January 2021.
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*This site only contain of Zepeto's fashions display. (All activity here were only exist in virtual world)

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Cover Magazine | The Mr&Mrs ED Fashion by Vogue® | with Meà Stars & Edward

Page 19-21, Founder of LaBè, Meà Stars(Mystrs) talks about on having her own magazine name and aiming their name to be labeled under fashion studio. Here we got to meet with Edward Serazawa, Co-Founder of LaBè, sharing his personal relationship with Mystrs.

Magazine Cover La Beautè® | Issue 001 | Featuring Founder of LaBè

Page 7, La Beautè (LaBè) share about her first time working with a new team as the head lead including their fashions name was nominated as fashion label on November and winning the title on the very last year of 2020.
"It was a great successful.." - Mystrs

Magazine Cover La Beautè® | Second Issue by Mrs. Quin | The Founder

Page 12, an issues of La Beautè having a collaboration with EDIT Fashion. The coexisting of this two name was brought attention to the fashion studio and giving the LaBè a fashion label studio an Official Site and Settings. This collaboration was noted by LaBè on January 2021.
" people tend to help us before, now they all trying to get to us," - Edward

Magazine Cover La Beautè® | Issue 003 | The Journey

Page 8-9, reports again mostly fashion label getting sued for the mistreatment and an employee gets fired. LaBè declare at one of their interview magazine about the precaution steps that should be taken seriously during the pandemic that existed as one part of our society already. They also cleared the statement upon the accusation made by some of local media.
", we aren't even an inch getting involved of with any issues regarding dumping our workers, it's either external nor insider we treat them equally and fairly as much as we could," this was said by the co-founder of LaBè.

Magazine Cover La Beautè® | Issue 004 | Law Regulations

Page 4, a new regulations law have restricted some of LaBès' activities and make most of their project stunted for a weeks, as but this was not stoping them from working only the some part of the things isn't the same as usually and especially inside of their working environment. An attempt happen as to get convenience back in their working place. Reported that (LaBè) teams currently already back on track and work as usual, they continuing their previous activity that were caught delayed.

Meet The Head Of LaBè® Feat. Meà & Edward —

La Beautè, organized by EDIT Fashion

La Beautè Magazine | Issue 01 | Hot Topic

Including An Engagement Ceremony, Behind The Scene;

"I've been working with a great and talented people since I was in a few magazine name, yet becoming as one of their magazine star cover and editor is not easy but it was full of journey that always fired me up, you know, spasmodically," Mystrs said it still mark in her heart having such wonderfull experiance while working with them.
On June 2020, visual designer Meà Stars as well known as Mystrs, step out from one of the biggest magazine name as she mention that that their management are lack of consistency. She then determine to build a new name of fashion label under her own management and it took for a while for her to get used to it as most of the things she've got to handle and responsible for it.
Edward Serazawa walks in as one of their editor during the time. He used to be working with some other small magazine name and yet he tend to get compatibility with their management setup. He said he was fine with Meà's management but that as he started to get involve with LaBès' activities it was not easy for him because the leader was strict and the ideas were mostly on her and it still acceptable for Ed as most of the leader's idea are brilliant and sometimes it just hard to get argue with that.
The dating rumors of between Mystrs and Ed was erupted and spread quickly on local magazine and news as them both clearly state their relationship in one of the magazine stage interview and by the end of the year 2020, both of the couple were finally announce their engagement news.
On February 2021, both couple make a small event for their engagement ceremony, during the time some of the famous magazine name star and their founder were coming to celebrate MysEd's day. It was a tensity for both couple as it comes with full of formalities and the things going around on that time, Reports come upon the event of how breathtaking their ceremony looks and the guests keep on compliment towards their stage idea.
La Beautè will continue making people impress with their creativities' vision and idea by making them say and thought that it was impressively beautè.
"..we are nothing than just to seek for the style in fashion and we were not aiming for the perfection because it was something that won't be achievable for us, our trademark is simply just a creation by the style,". Labè will be forever in the top of creèr pour le style.

Written by Mrs. Quin, journalist of La Beautè.
All right reserved, by EDIT®

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