Lace Leilani Rose Kaalekahi Reyes

“A Fempreneur building her Empire!”

Hello there lovely person. My name is Lace I am a multi-entrepreneur doing whatever sets my soul on fire. I enjoy photography, videography, modeling, influencing on social media, and most of all Traveling.

I’m an ambitious being and I believe the universe is conspiring to give me everything I want. But I don’t just want to conquer the world by myself. My vision is for everyone around me to level up with me so whatever they seek most in life the universe will give it to them too.

At the beginning of 2020 I was just getting started by building the foundations for my dream life. I was getting my feet wet and gaining the experience and knowledge I needed.

Currently I’m in phase two! I know what I want and I’m working for it! I’m making a living by living life. I found products that helped me gain confidence in my hair and skin! Then the most amazing thing happened! I found a company that helps people make a living by living. It provides opportunity, alignment, and a chance to leave behind a legacy!

I live on a small island in Hawaii and it will always be my home. But sometimes instead of living on a rock it feels like I live under one and my mindset becomes small minded. So I need out!

With this company I’m gonna start traveling more! I know right now travel doesn’t seem appropriate, but what if this is just our new tomorrow? Wearing a mask everywhere, constantly sanitizing everything, and taking multiple showers if you leave the house? We’ve got to make the best of our circumstances and travel is still open! I refuse to live in fear but I will take as much precaution as I can.

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