Hi there!

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I’m Lacey!

Married to my high school sweetheart + mom of 3 and walking with Jesus through it all!

I have my BA in interpreting for the Deaf and my MA in counseling. Both of which I loved.

Here I am, almost 34, using neither degrees and have found myself a career in social selling.

I know…a career, I wouldn’t have believed it either, but here we are!

The Lord in his kindness knew how much I’d love it and I’m forever grateful.

Over the past 4 years I’ve built a 6 figure yearly income. I’ve earned a paid for Cadillac. Ive earned 15+ free trips around the world.

Those are not the achievements I’m most proud of though.

I have hundreds of women on my team who I’ve helped earn income + achieve goals.

That’s my greatest joy- helping women go from skeptical, doubtful, fearful to confident and earning an income that they are proud of.

I tell you those things not brag or boast but to hopefully give you some assurance + confidence that I can help you! I’ve spent 4 years learning this industry and I’m eager to show you how!

Now, let’s talk about you.

If you’re here that tells me you’re interested in what earning with Monat could do for you and your family!

If you are like me, and I hope you are… you have so have questions and even more reasons why you’re skeptical.

Maybe you’ve tried before. Maybe you had an icky experience with someone in social selling. Maybe you’re terrified of failing.

It’s all good friend. That was me. 1000%.

Here’s the good news. If you are ready for change, together, we can get you there!

Maybe you’re tired of having to say no…no to the ballet class for your daughter, the extra date night, the family vacation, the occasional target shirt, the ability to give generously.

Maybe you’re working a 9-5 and the budget is still really tight. Or maybe you’re ready to leave your job and be home with your kids.

Maybe you’re in the throes of raising babies at home and you feel like you’ve lost yourself a bit and you need something to pour your creativity and ability into that doesn’t require you to leave your kids. (That’s was me)

Or maybe you’re just curious. I love curious people because they are full of possibilities. Maybe you are asking yourself the question… “What if I could do this? What if I could change the way life looks like for my family?”

Whatever the reason, you’re ready for some kind of change and I’m ready to help you get there.

DM me @laceyjervis if you’ve got more questions

OR if you are ready, click the link below, choose your pack and let’s do this!