Showing there is HOPE in 🌱Hemp 🌱

Hi friends! My name is Lacey and I have been taking CBD since 2021. And now I am a slinging CBD Advocate for Green Compass. My hope is to be able to show you how CBD can change you and your family’s life. Below is some fun info about my little family!

I live with my husband and our 2 fur babies. I am a Geologist Specialist with the State of Kansas. I love to run, wakeboard, read and a lover of thunderstorms! In fact I love chasing storms and have several photos of wall clouds! And I tend to get stuck driving up or down the turnpike in the summer when there are storms around. Just ask my Mom or Patrick.

My husband, Patrick, works for the USDA-RMA. He does a lot of stuff I don’t understand with crop insurance. 🤣 He had a kidney transplant in 2001 so we are HUGE supporter of Donate Life and Team Mo-Kan. We have traveled to serval Transplant Games of America as he is a swimmer. He loves to be in the pool.

Our 2 fur babies are special needs. Stormy is our little cat and she is missing her right eye. But that doesn’t stop her! Bella is our big cat and she has food allergies and diabetes. Both are spoiled rotten!

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