Failing Forward is the only way I know how to fail

Welcome to my Life!!!

Hello there thank you for clicking my link. My name is Tiffany, a 23 soon to be 24 year old women who is still working on herself. I am a mom, I am a dancer, I am a Clin tech, I am a co-owner of a roadside company and I am a skin/hair mogul in the making. Lastly I am a DIVA!

I was taught at a very young age to not cringe from the word diva if you are a diva that means you are doing something right with your life, you are fabulous, you are hardworking, and you are persistent! Don’t let anyone else ever tell you otherwise is what my aunt always used to tell me!

My life has been far from easy but one thing that has always kept me going is my perseverance. I have many interests that looking from the outside in really, don’t mix but I have found a way to combine those interests and I’m working towards building an empire where one day my son can look back and say this is what my mom did.

If you’re ready to shake off those demons and make your dreams come true, whatever those dreams might be let’s collaborate!

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