Hello there!

“In order to be a chef you must be a cook first” ~Amoila

Assalam Alikum (peace be upon you)

My name is Noemí Hernández

I am a 29 year old Mexican Muslimah who is very passionate about fitness and self love.

I have hypothyroidism; I have two messed up knees( hairline fracture on both knee caps and one torn cartilage); my right foot was run over by a car (It radiates pain once in a while); My wrist is messed up; I’ve had two vehicle related head injuries; I have a messed up neck; Whiplash; Multiple concussions (still not the same as I was before); a fire extinguisher has fallen on my head from one flight of stairs; I’m iron deficient anemic; My blood cells are smaller then the average size meaning my blood carries less oxygen throughout my whole body; etc… That’s just a brief list of reasons I should stay in bed or layback and relax. I’m not tell you all this so you feel sorry for me, I’m telling you all this because regardless of all this, I still get up every morning and try to push my body beyond its limits!

I have always struggled with self love and self care, it’s always been easy for me to take care of others before myself. I always thought as long as everyone else is happy it doesn’t matter if I’m not,

I believe that in order to change into the person you are meant to be you must first learn to love the person you are now so you can appreciate and love the new you better!

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