Empowering humans with a truly life upgrading water device 🌊⚡️

💎I am passionate about health and elevation on every level. Physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. This machine assists at all 4 levels.

💎This is an incredible high vibrational water technology that supercharges health, extends life and supports the planet.

💎Water is the key to health that so many folks are missing. It’s not just about getting alkaline, filtered water, it’s the magic that happens with a process called ectrolysis, which essentially transforms your tap water into a natural spring, making it highly antioxidant, free radical scavenging, ultra absorbing into the cells and hydrating to the highest level, facilitating true healing in the body.

💎This is a certified medical device in Japan, the company is 45 years and going strong. All the parts are created right there, nothing is outsourced. Meaning this is the most durable, high quality water device out there, life span is 25 years +. Don’t be fooled by cheap imitators and detractors.

💎 Watch this short vid for a quick insight into the technology 👇🏼

💎If this piques your interest, reach out to me! I can explain how this will not only massively upgrade your health, it can be a hugely fruitful business if you choose to become a distributor.


From the heart

In 2020, along with my new passion and business sharing the joys of living water, I started sharing my story and perspective, honestly and from the heart, with the intention of elevation and encouragement.

💎Encouragement to tune in and trust your body’s divine intelligence as the first step to healing.

💎Encouragement to trust your intuition over the dictates of dubious experts.

💎Encouragement to recognise your triggers as teachers

💎Encouragement to see beyond the smoke and mirrors, the divide and conquer.

💎Encouragement to be open and curious about the nature of our reality.

💎Encouragement to increase awareness of Self, as a first step to clearing patterns, blocks and trauma.

💎Encouragement to share your truth, as all our stories are medicine for others.

My life’s journey so far has taught me A LOT, and nearly dying in a motorbike accident 10 years ago brought me back to life with an unequivocal message from the Universe, “this is your last chance to wake the F☝🏼☝🏼K up so let’s go!”

Through this whole experience I have become a much more self assured person, less people pleasing, more content and peaceful than ever before. Not to mention I finally attracted the love of my life, and am now living a life I truly love♥️

Some of my honesty has resulted in shadow bans from the internet gods, as my posts and memes questioning msm narratives are unwanted by the status quo peeps. Yawn. Yes indeed, many are afraid to speak truthfully for fear of rejection and cancellation, this is the state of the world today.

All this has increased my interest in human psychology, and made me even more determined and forthright in sharing my views, regardless of the reach.

In the future they will write about these times, with wonder and incredulity. These are epoch and character defining days. We all get to choose what this world becomes. And I am here for ALL OF IT.