About Me

Bonjour à tous! Comment allez vous?

It's Wendy, a second semester, accounting major college student. But honestly, I'm more into designing and writing, oh and occasionally baking.

My relationship with food is still unknown, but with dessert—it feels like a perfect match for me. I refused to eat food with high calories in order to maintain my shape, but I couldn’t say no to dessert, which I fully realized that it has even higher calories. Because the euphoria of tasting every sweetness that goes into my mouth, it’s all worth it.

How I spend my monthly pocket money—20% for daily lunch, 10% goes to savings, 5% goes to miscellaneous, and the other 65% goes to every, most aesthetic-looking, desserts that I found on Instagram.

- W

La Fête de Wendy

What's your favorite boba tea in town?

Do you want to get entertained and then also five seconds later you get a thought, what the hell is going on here? Well, I tell you, Twitter is the best place for that. Ever since the pandemic hit the town, everyday I found myself scrolling through my Twitter's timeline and learned so many new things (uhm, and teas) that is happening in this world. Especially, the new famous boba tea outlets that went viral amongst the Twitter people. There are so many of them that I can't remember all the names of the outlets.

As a self-proclaimed Boba Queen, I feel betrayed that these outlets are only open for the people living in Jakarta. I know, what a privilege.

Jakarta may have lots of boba tea variances, but what's the best boba tea outlet in Batam? Here is mine!

Ding Tea

The best thing about Ding Tea is its sweet, chewy bubbles!


Chatime is so generous with the bubbles. And their chocolate flavored drinks are awesome, it's not too sweet.

Man Man Tang

If you want order this, I highly recommend you to try Ferrero Rocher Smoothies. Don't forget to ask bubbles for the topping!