Hey there..... it's Laken

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Hey There....!!!

I am so happy you're here! I'm Laken! I'm 25, a basketball coach, a workoholic, and a brand rep for a health and wellness company called ItWorks Global! I do all of this from my cell phone on social media!

I used to tell people these companies were all scams, and I'm sure you've thought that once or twice also! I've never had tons of followers or even shared much on social media. I tried selling candles, hand bags. jewelry, and other stuff... I never made any money off of any of those, so why would I even think to try something else??

I was a few months out of college, broke, drowning in student loan debt, and looking for a side hustle that I could actually make money from -- it just so happened I fell in love with the products along the way! My friend who I hadn't spoken to in years started selling these products, and she reached out to me MULTIPLE times. I finally started asking some questions, and gave her company a try. So I signed up on a leap of faith and here we are... 2.5 years later!

Why 2.5 years later you ask?? Because this company is amazing. Not only in the matters of products, but the incentives of selling these products, the relationships this company builds, and the support system of the ENTIRE company. Not only has this company given me financial freedom., it has given me peace of mind, life-long friendships, and never-ending opportunities to better myself and the people around me.

This Company is a self-development program with a compensation plan attached. So what's holding you back from your very own story of self development?