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The only way she speaks.

At dinner

You cannot eat the meal

You cannot chew words; You want to spit them out

The throat runs dry because of the waters falling

There are no butterflies but crows picking out your guts

When you say you are being abused,

They never believe you;

The punch was made because you were wrong

It was normal to commit mistakes after all

After the first blow, you will endure it

It is because of anger

You will believe it

Until you see how people live

Where words are not harmful,

Where love is delicate

Your cries are the result of sadness

Thus, they gladly acknowledge it

Living should not felt like war

You should not fight for survival on your own skin

Your tongue is not tied

You should not think of running away

I hope you are protected,

The scars are healed

Because you remind me of someone

You remind me of myself

Sex is fun

Tension lurking in the air

Can I wet your lips?

Maybe touch you down there?


They say when you love someone,

you reconnect with your bodies

then your soul,

then a liability

A child

The fruit of love

Only way to prove you love her

Is to tie her down with a child

Sex is fun


But love will only exist in between thighs

When you understand the consequences

Trust me,

As an unplanned child

Such reckless sex, oh

But at least they love each other, right?

Love will feed our hungry stomach;

Love will build a house for us;

Love will pay the bills;

Love will plan our future

If it is the kind of love they insist

And they blame sex for the liabilities

Then which one is at fault?

Is it love? or is it sex?

Fuck it

Fuck me

Fuck life

Fuck, fuck

It is your fault

You have choices;

I don’t

So fuck you

Dear Love,

Dead stars

Have you known about dead stars?

They are stars that shine the brightest at night sky. But behind the blinding light is the unhidden fact that they are all dead- all due past their time. They are supposed to be blackholes yet they continue to emit light. Perhaps to remind us that the brightest things in our life aren't here to stay with us for the longest time.

But our love, I want it to be the sun. A star that is there to warm each other's mortal body that lingers like a kiss on our skin. Our love is the sun. I know for a fact, that it won't stay forever. Just like any star, it is bound to be a dead star but for now, it will continue to burn that sometimes it may hurt. But Love will stay. I want our love to stay in this lifetime, or in the next lifetime, or in the lifetime after that. I know it will falter but not when we both know that our love exists in the touch of our skin, or as we hold hands, the look in our eyes, or having a meal together, calling on our phones with the softest voice because my mama might hear me, or standing next to each other, telling me to grab your arm whenever your hands are full, or  whenever we make plans for the future, or by just merely knowing the love we have to each other. It sits there and watch us grow.

Our love is like the sun that will burn the longest among any other love we bound to meet in this lifetime.

Earth revolves around the sun,

Humans revolve around love-

In this lifetime, I want to experience Love that is you.


Today, I've learned that home is where your soul sits in like the aroma in a coffee shop. It is where your heart remains calm and overflow with emotions that words aren't enough to describe. It is where your whole being embraces the genuine love- the one that you never thought you would find in this lifetime. I'm used to define love and home as a superficial thing, they exist like worthless words on my tongue that never reach my soul. I'm used to being alone. People say that I'm the strongest person they have known but with you I crumble. It's still a wonder for me that a person like you exist in this lifetime and I can call you home. I was never been home in my whole life. I'm so grateful that I have found you.

Here are the proofs of my competencies.

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Here are the proofs of my competencies.

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