I love helping people with health goals and opportunities

My names Laloni! I'm a mom of 3 a Nana to 14! And married to my best friend

I am a wife! We have 3 kids and 14 grandkids! Our family is our life! I am a former Family Dollar assistant manager! I have been blessed in life with an amazing journey with a health and wellness company! This is my story..

I got hurt at work and havent been released to go back to work and truly have NO idea when that will happen or IF it will happen. I have been sick with ibs and diverticulitis since my second surgery. And was in hospital like every 2 weeks. Sometimes a week at a time. It was hard on my husband with us living 13 miles from town and limited income. Gas wasnt cheap. And we was struggling because Billy's on SSI. So that's all the money we would be able to live on. There was times we would have to swallow our pride and ask one of our family members for help. It was bad enough we did go a few days without propane. But we survived! We had each other and would tell each other that's all we needed.

This girl that's on my list, had watched her for a while and was so interested in what she was doing and how she was loving and living life the way she was. And she inspires me every day... she kept asking me for 3 months to join. I didnt have the money to join..she understood why. So in February she sent me a message and she gave me this opportunity to earn my kit and it cost me nothing! That's right! I earned the money to join the business. I am well on my way! I'd love to help you today!

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