Meet Lana Grace


My name is Lana Grace, and to speed-date introduce myself I’m a 9-to-5er turned entrepreneur with a wild obsession for people being lit up by their businesses (and their lives).

Working as a Business Coach and Consultant I’ve helped people fall head-over-heels in love with their work, breakthrough can’t-get-over-it personal barriers, and generate hundreds of thousands of dollars that feel I-could-do-this-all-day good.

For years, I worked as a corporate woman in media before transitioning to sales and marketing in the start-up space. Throughout the journey, I managed, coached and collaborated with large teams and clients across multi-million dollar campaigns and partnerships. This included the likes of:

💛 Disney
💛 Our Watch
💛 Nintendo
💛 Edrolo
💛 Asilio
💛 Maria’s Pasta
💛 Ladies Finance Club
💛 The Daily Taken

and more!

That’s a little bit about my story but the reality is, this isn’t about me. This is about you, your business, and your life. I’m here to be your mentor, your team mate, your cheerleader, your guide - whatever it is that you need to get your business from surviving to thriving (in a pinch-me-is-this-even-real kind of way).

If this is something you’re interested in - there’s two ways we can work together!

ON your business (or)
IN your business.

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Option #1: Launch

Working ON your business includes a delicious concoction of coaching and consulting, with THREE options to work together. ✨

Let’s dive in to see where you’re at!

Are you…

👉 Deep in the social scroll and stalking entrepreneurs saying “one day that will be me”?
👉 Feeling your professional life is a little stale and uninspiring compared to your startup dream?
👉 Constantly looking at your phone notes and journals full of business ideas that never make it past the pages?

I see you wishing and wanting. 👀

What would it be like if you could turn your “one day, someday” wishlist into an all-inspiring action plan that has you launch out of bed THAT clear on what you need to do to make it all happen?

This is the session that makes that possible.

Welcome to…

1x 1:1 Coaching Session (2hrs) | $450

A strategy session designed for you and your needs to guide you through different styles of thinking and creative planning. It will magically release your uncertainty, stagnancy, and peering-over-the-fence comparison mindset, and replace it with action, clarity and nothing-can-stop-me focus. 💥

Ready to LAUNCH together? Book your session via the link below today!

ON your business

Option #2: Breakthrough

You’ve passed the dreams-only phase, and you’re really doing it.

Are you…

👉 Using your job to fund your “side hustle” (because calling it your business feels kinda scary)?
👉 Excited to be doing ALL THE THINGS but at max capacity juggling multiple lives and not sure how to sustain it?
👉 Facing off with a “wall” you can’t get over, under or around, and the passion that once burned bright is slowly burning out?

I see your commitment and concern. 👀

What would it be like if you could turn the maxed out schedule that is draining your energy into life giving, time expanding commitments? And walk through “walls” with ease and shout with fiery pride “I’m an entrepreneur, and this is my business!” 🤩

This is the partnership that makes that possible.

Welcome to…

4x Weekly 1:1 Coaching Sessions (1hr) | $1,750
- Unlimited voice note / text support during business hours

Working together we will tackle the “wall” that has you stopped and feeling limited until the bricks turn into butterflies. You will breakthrough that overwhelming “stuckness” and concern into I-can-do-it-all confidence (with an easeful strategy and action plan to match). 💥

Ready to BREAKTHROUGH together? Book your session via the link below today!

***Payment plans available. DM for details.***


Option #3: Transform

You’re out in the world (loud and proud), and ready for dream-like expansion.

Are you…

👉 Negotiating your job to part time or writing your resignation letter to go all in on your business?
👉 Experiencing an urgent readiness to level up and be guided to go beyond your limits (like, right now)?
👉 Open to trying new things and proving to yourself that the impossible may actually be possible?

I see your excitement and hunger. 👀

What would it be like if you could take that energy and how-do-I-create-it-all question, and channel it to execute a clear vision, strategy and action plan that creates your this-is-what-I-dreamt-of expansion? 😍

This is the partnership that makes that possible.

Welcome to…

3 Month Coaching Package | $6,000
+ Fortnightly 1:1 Coaching Sessions (1.5hrs)
+ Unlimited voice note / text support during business hours
+ Bespoke templates and tools to support your planning and execution success

Working together, we will start with a full business review to explore all areas of your business and look at what’s working and what’s not working in each of them. From there, a planning session will create clarity on your vision and goals. Then we will design and execute strategies, campaigns and partnerships (if applicable) that lay the foundations to sprout magic and miracles. Each session will be a blend of coaching and consulting, and you’ll be provided with templates and tools to make your planning and execution easeful (and successful). We’ll transform that desire for guided expansion and growth into meet-my-2.0 business. 💥

Ready to TRANSFORM together? Book your session via the link below today!

***Payment plans available. DM for details.***


Let’s create a partnership!

Working IN your business is where I take a seat at your table, join your team, and use my skills and experience to create and implement the solutions that you seek to have your business thrive.

So perhaps you’re wondering “what does that look like?”

Well, let’s start with some questions! Are you a business that is…

👉 Ready for a new initiative but needing a partner in crime to map out the road to success?
👉 Wanting a team that feels connected and operates with you-read-my-mind efficiency?
👉 Experiencing something not working in your business that you just can’t put your finger on?

I see your vision and struggle. 👀

What would it be like if you had someone that heard everything you had to say, was on your team working to have you win, and holding your hand guiding you through the journey to create the success you vision? Well, maybe hand holding feels a bit much (and let’s be real, working one handed might be tough) but THAT is the level of support I guarantee you will experience.

Welcome to… THE PARTNERSHIP. 🤝

How do we create it? It can look like:
- Mapping out a clear vision and goals to match
- Creating an implementation strategy to ensure all deliverables are achieved
- Weekly meetings to discuss status updates, roadblocks, and the wins too
- Dedicated hours of doing the work with you

Each partnership is unique and has its own needs, which will determine what I bring to the table to support you. This can include (but is not limited to):
💛 Strategy and planning
💛 Income generation
💛 Partnership and sponsorship management
💛 Campaign creation and implementation
💛 Project scoping and leading
💛 Leadership and team coaching
💛 Creating and systemising new practices
💛 Direction clarity and goal setting

Whatever you feel is missing in your business, too difficult, or too big to take on alone, I’m here to stand by your side to create it, cause it, or transform it. 💥

Ready to PARTNER together? DM me “PARTNERSHIP” and I’ll reply directly with next steps.