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A little bit about Me

If you don’t know anything about me, this is a good place to start!!
My name is Landyn! I am 25 years old and a mother to my son B who is close to 2 years old! I reside in Ludington, Michigan. If you would have asked me 3 years ago where I predicted myself to be at this point in my life I would have not said doing networking marketing and working from home. I would have probably gave ya the run around about how I would be in PA school and how it was just going to be the greatest thing no matter how much student loan debt I was in! Yeah, I would be making pretty decent money but I probably wouldn’t be healthy, probably would be paying off my loans with most of the money I was making, probably wouldn’t really like my job much and really would just be working for vacations and the weekends.
My point is, for so long I was on this path of what everyone else wanted me to do, how everyone else wanted me to live. I was so sick and tired of having to explain my every move and only constantly ever being asked what I was going to do for work or how school was or how many classes I had left. People and family wanted me to be successful but they wanted me to be successful in the path that they thought I should walk.
Now today, I’m putting in work from home, (still going to school but for what I want) taking care of my son and helping people gain confidence in themselves by giving them the necessary products and the mindset to explode into the person they were always meant to be!
This business opportunity popped into my life at a time where I just decided I needed to run with it— for me. I was so stuck in this day to day routine with no passion and excitement. I hated being broke, I hated going to a job where people didn’t work as hard as I did, I needed something more.
Now here I am, loving every second I work this job. I love the friendships I’ve made, the incentives, the support, MY HAIR. I love everything about this biz and it really takes an open mind and consistency if you want it to pay off. This isn’t a rich quick scheme. We have to work.
So let’s do this thing together!!
You can either watch me or JOIN ME!