Laney’s Works Colorado

Custom handmade necklaces and anklets

My name is Laney, i’m 17 and currently live in colorado. All my products are handmade from measuring the length of the string to placing each individual bead on the necklace.
Necklaces sell for $5
Anklets sell for $4
There is a $2 delivery fee but if you don’t want to pay that you can come pick it up!

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Order Examples

Here are some examples of designs people have requested so far!

Example 1

This necklace contains 4 white beads followed by 1 yellow and 1 orange then repeated! It turns out so cute!

Example 2

This necklace contains single beads in the colors aqua, yellow, white, and dark blue then repeated. I love the way the colors look together in this one!

Example 3

This necklace contains single beads in the colors dark pink, light pink, orange, aqua, and green repeated. The colors of this one make it so cute and fun!

Color Options

Here are the colors available for your custom design!

Pricing & Payment

-Necklaces: $5
-Anklets: $4
-$2 delivery fee (If you live in my area i can deliver it to you for a fee, or you can come pick it up for me for no fee)
- $1 shipping fee(if you don’t live in my area i will mail it to you)

You can pay me through venmo, my venmo is @laney-clark-0

Let me know if something doesn’t work for you and we can work something out!


Ready to place your custom order?

When you’re ready to place an order just text me! Introduce yourself and tell me what type of necklace or anklet you’d like! We can continue to communicate through text messages throughout the process! Thank you!
My number is (925) 918-2564