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Heyya! Thank you so much for dropping by!

My name is Me-Ann.

L'artisanat is French for arts & crafts.
But since we are in the Philippines, we go for Lartisana 😅

Lartisana is an amigurumi shop.
Amigurumi is the art of making dolls and toys out of crochet.
Every piece in the shop is 100% handmade with love.

Feel free to message me for inquiries!

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Sample Works

Take a look at my past creations. You might get an inspiration or two for your next order. 😉

Jumpy Dumpty

Am so happy to get my fangirl on by making this crochet Jumpy Dumpty from the game Genshin Impact for a lovely client. Jumpy Dumpty is Klee's best friend and Elemental Skill in the game.

This one includes....
❤️ 4x4" crochet plush toy
❤️ Care/ Dedication card

Paimon approves! Get yours now or have anything from Genshin Impact custom-made by sending a message today.


A lovely client commissioned this SUNFLOWER as a gift for her mom for V-day. Am getting amazing vibes just making this!
This one includes....
🌻4-6" crochet flower
🌻White pot with stone fillings
🌻Acetate clear case with fairy lights
🌻Care/ Dedication card

Get yours now or have any flower custom made by sending a message today.

Sundrop Flower

A lovely client commissioned this custom flower inspired by the SUNDROP Flower from the movie Tangled. This flower is the source of Rapunzel's healing and age-defying powers.

🎵 Flower, gleam and glow. make your power shine...

This one includes....
🏵️4-6" crochet flower
🏵️White pot with stone fillings
🏵️Fairy lights INTERGRADED into the flower
🏵️Acetate clear case
🏵️Care/ Dedication card

Get yours now or have any flower custom made by sending a message today.

Mini Me Keychains

A former local flight attendant decided to spread her wings abroad. She commissioned these mini FA keychains for herself to celebrate the milestone. These little cuties are going all the way to the US! She also commissioned one for her FA bestie here in the Philippines.
No amount of distance can tear apart true friendship.

An order of a Mini-Me keychain includes...
✈️ 3.5 - 4" crochet doll
✈️ Detachable keyring
✈️ Washbag
✈️ Care/ Dedication card
✈️ White clay nametag (with an additional fee)

Get your own Mini-me today!

Kenshin Himura Funko Pop

I made this fully crocheted Funko-style Kenshin Himura doll for a lovely client.

This baby is
*4.5" tall
*has his own customized Funko box with acetate case
*has his own wooden standee
*with anime-style eyes

As a fangirl, this commission was a dream come true!

Can't wait to do more anime/pop culture related pieces.

Twilight Sparkle

Made this 8" #TwilightSparkle toy for my sister for her birthday!
This must be my most challenging creation yet.
It is 100% freehand. ♥♥♥

What do you guys think? Did I give her justice?
Sad thing now is that she is now demanding that I make the whole gang for her! 😂😂😭😭😂

Pattern by me
Want you own #mylittleponycrochet ? Send me a message today!

Giant Whale

This whopping 20" #crochetwhale was ordered as a birthday gift.
Used up more than half a kilo of yarn and an even bigger amount of stuffing for this one.

Sorta wish that I could keep it tho. It's the perfect bedside buddy!

Want your own giant cuddle bestie? Send me a message today!

Pattern by @1dogwoof

Baby Phoenix

Made it as a gift to a new mommy!
My note even says "For new beginnings"

Pattern by Amigurumi Today App
9in doll

Azula Doll

Inspired by Azula of Avatar: The Legend of Aang.

Pattern by @_kyras.kreations
9in doll

Care Instructions

Guidelines on how to make your amigurumi last longer

Unless specifically specified, all items are handmade with 100% cotton yarn. I do not recommend washing it with bleach or heavy duty laundry detergent.

Kindly see below specific care instructions for your item.

Crochet Flowers

1. Upon receipt, boxes will be filled with shredded paper to protect the petals and wired parts. Please dispose shredded paper responsibly.
2. You may rearrange stems and other parts at your leisure. Just use gentle force and NEVER pull the flower out of its pot.
3. Pot may be cleaned with dusting and wiping.
4. Crochet petals and leaves are to be wiped with a damp cloth and to be aired out to dry.
5. Fairy lights are delicate so avoid extreme bending.
6. Keep flowers inside acetate box to keep it away from dust.

PS. You may also opt to use your fave essential oils to give the flowers some fragrance! Spritz on a solution of oils+water or add a few drops of pure oil underneath the flower corolla (just to make sure that there is no staining)

Plush Toys

1. I recommend to only use the Gentle Wash if you plan to use a washing machine.
2. NEVER use bleach.
3. Do not squeeze out excessive water forcefully.
4. Lay out or hang to dry as how you would in washing pillows and cloth stuffed toys.
5. Toys with wired parts are NEVER to be washed in the washing machine.

Mini Me Keychains

Washing Machine Instructions
1. Remove metal keyring from the plush.
2. Place plush in provided washbag before throwing it into the washing machine.
3. Use Gentle Wash or any alternate option
4. NEVER use bleach or spin dry.
5. Hang to dry.
6. Make sure that plush is totally dry before reattaching metal keyring.

*Nametag is made out of airdry clay. Do not bend.

Funko-style Doll

1. Remove doll from wooden base before washing.
2. Use washing instructions of Plush Toys Section
3. Custom box is made out of unlaminated paper. Do not get it wet. Acetate exterior may be wiped down with damp cloth.
4. Wooden base may be wiped down with damp cloth.
5. Keep doll inside the box to keep it away from dust.

Yarn Guide

Learn more about yarns and what best suits your order.