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I’m currently working on 25 original paintings that is “A Manifestation of Dreams” ☁️🌈 My vision is always evolving + I’ve recently discovered a new found voice in my artistry that’ll be represented in this series.

This series is just the start of what’s to come. It acts as an escape into my imagination of pure bliss + captures energy of happiness. I hope my work can bring happiness to anyone it resonates with + aspires them to dream ☺️

Each painting will be individually published after being completed, on my IG feed, @lartsys2.0 + on the NEXT SLIDE for viewing to purchase. Please keep a look out if you want one in your lovely home.
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*(for business inquiries only):

Text ~ (803) 846-5655 💬
Email ~ lartsys@gmail.com 💌

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Currently creating content for the channel where I’ll be talking all things ART, while also introducing spirituality, herbalism + personal development content into the mix.

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Originals for Sale 💌

“A Manifestation of Dreams” loading… ☁️🌈

“A Manifestation of Dreams” is a series of 25 paintings that’ll be the foundation of beautiful creations to come 🌞 It represents my hope to one day, live a reality that’s self sustaining, surrounded by various forms of life, nature, good people + beautiful vibes.

I’m casting a spell of affirmation + manifestation with my paintbrush acting as my magical wand, like a real life fairy 🙈🧚🏽‍♀️ Affirmations + manifestation are two of our many superpowers. If you can dream it, you can do it. Believe it 🌼🌸🌷🌹🌺

ALL original paintings of this series will be located below for viewing to purchase 👇🏽 DM me on IG, @lartsys2.0 or contact me via text or email, if you’re interested in purchasing an original painting 🧚🏽‍♀️ You can text me at (803) 846-5655 or email me at lartsys@gmail.com 💬

The series consists of 10 Flat Boards, 1 Flat Canvas, 6 Canvases, 5 Wooden Panels + 3 LARGE Canvases ☁️ The flat boards would look best framed. The client can purchase a frame they feel matches the painting, as well as the aesthetic of their own home!

Expected Date of Completion, JULY 2024 🕰✨ Follow me along the journey of manifesting dreams! This series is to challenge me, evolve my potential + help me grow. If a piece resonates with you + you decide to purchase, you’d be supporting my passion + overall dream 😇
Payments are handled via CashApp 💰 Shipping is FREE, in the US 💌

CashApp - $ARTSYMAL 🦄

I also accept donations 💸 Could help towards materials! I’d appreciate it, if you can 😉

“Goddess in Pink” $333 🌸

16x20 on Flat Board, using Golden acrylic paint (2022) 🎨🖌 Available for sale 🦩🌷 Detail shots on my IG feed, @lartsys2.0 👀

*1/25 of the dream series ☁️✨

“Thoughts of Tall Tales” $555 ☁️

16x20 on Canvas, using Golden acrylic paint (2022) 🎨🖌 Available for sale 🦒🌿 Detail shots on my IG feed, @lartsys2.0 👀

*2/25 of the dream series ☁️✨


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Follow me on BIGO + watch me paint (amongst other things) on my MONTHLY lives, while working on this body of work. You can ask me questions, send me gifts or even send money in the form of ‘beans’. 210 ‘beans’ is equivalent to $1 USD 💰 I would really appreciate the support 🙈🪄

Join me on my lives, where I’ll be on at least ONCE A MONTH! Follow me @lartsys, to be notified when I’m on 💌✨


Get a Custom Painting 🖼 ✨

Commission Me to Create the Painting of Your Dreams ☁️

DM me on IG, @lartsys2.0 or contact me via text or email, if you’re interested in a custom painting. Prices of paintings are calculated based on the size + payments are handled via CashApp 💰 Half is required up front + the other half, when the painting is complete. Paintings start at $250 + 9x12 is the smallest size 📏

Shipping is FREE, in the US 💌 You will receive a sketch of the composition after the first half of the payment + be surprised with the result of the finalized painting! The painting will then be shipped once the second half of the payment is made. You can request portraits, animals or nature, in my style. I usually do a combination of all in a painting 🧝🏾‍♀️💛

In your request, please be sure to let me know a few things, such as: 1) your favorite colors, 2) favorite animal(s), 3) what would you consider to be your happy place, if the client has one. If the request is for someone else, simply tell me those things about them so that I can conceptualize something special intended for the person it’s created for 🦋

Paintings take at least 2 weeks to be completed 🕰 I’ll need at least 1 month on any sized painting, including time for packaging + shipping, but will let the client know if more time is needed depending on the requested size. Let me know if you’d like a painting made just for you or a loved one 🌱

*Sizes not limited to the ones provided below 👇🏽
9x12 - $250 (smallest size)
11x14 - $300
12x16 - $350
14x18 - $400
16x20 - $450
18x24 - $500
24x30 - $650
36x48 - $1,000

CashApp - $ARTSYMAL 🦄

Previous commissions done are on my IG feed, @lartsys2.0 where you can see reference images for size 🌼

About 💭💐

Who am I?

Hi! My name is Malanee Cann, but I prefer to be called LaLa 🕊🤍 I was born January 15, 1997 + am a college graduate from Coastal Carolina University. I have a BA in Art Studio + a business administration minor that was obtained December of 2019. I’m a full time artist, as well as a spiritualist, herbalist (self-training) + personalist. I’ve made the decision to dedicate my life to these four practices, in which I believe are important aspects of life + are things each person should consider incorporating into their lifestyle.

Featured Art —

Jay Stone x The Experience Magazine | The Ecstatic Lives of the Heroes in Times of Kush + the Coronas 📰

ISSUED 2021 🌞

Had the amazing opportunity to interview for this unique + creative magazine. My interview starts on pg. 26 💌 ✨
Check it out by clicking the link below 👇🏽

Click here to read ‘The Experience Magazine’ for FREE 🗞
@stoneimmaculate on IG 💡
@luisanna.tejada on IG 📸

*Paintings Featured in the Magazine ☁️✨

“The Calling”

16x20 on Canvas, using Golden acrylic paint (2020) 🎨🖌 FIRST original painting sold 🥲

❣️ SOLD!

“We Are One”

16x20 on Canvas, using Golden acrylic paint (2020) 🎨🖌

*No longer for sale 🖼

Dreamhill ☁️🌈✨

Felicity the Fairy 🧚🏽‍♀️🪄

Felicity, the Fairy of Happiness here 🤗 A NEW account was made just for me!

I am the ‘higher self persona’ of LaLa 🦋💙 I make a conscious effort of embodying the best version of myself. I’m indeed a fairy (😉), one in which loves many happy things.

I’m a fairy that is an artist, spiritualist, herbalist + personalist. Indulging in practices that make me happy is what elevates my powers to its highest potential. Purely positive energy ☁️💌
Follow my journey + put faith into my fairy powers, @dreamhill888 ✨

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