hi dolls! welcome to our page!

beauty salon in pittsburgh pa. specializing in eyelash extensions, we also offer facial waxing and dermaplaning. our goal is to make everyone that walks through our door feel comfortable and beautiful.


our lash work

classic lashes

most natural looking extensions, 1 lash extension to 1 natural lash, the fullness of this style depends on how many natural lashes you have.

hybrid lashes

not as natural as classic lashes but not as full as volume lashes, this set is a perfect happy medium. classic lashes and volume lashes are in this set mixed together.

volume lashes

this set is very dense and full, handmade fans are used to create this fluffy and dramatic lash set.

Meet The Owner!

Rachael Evans

hi dolls!

I’m Rachael, born and raise in the 412..
first i want to say i wouldn’t be where i am today without the support and motivation of my family & bestfriends.. i always have new crazy ideas, and if you know me you know when an idea pops in my head i’m getting it done that second, (it can be kinda hard to handle 😂) but they’re always right there every step of the way cheering me on. my boyfriend terrance and i just welcomed our baby boy into this crazy world in may, Terrell Jamison.

if i am not lashing you can catch me on the couch watching netflix with my little fam.. almost two years ago my answer would be you can catch me in south side lol but i’ve tried to retire that life and be the best momma i can be.

i love to laugh and half the time i’m normally making fun of myself. i truly believe being humble and having patience are two of the most important things.

my passion for this industry began in 2016 when i was in beauty school..

rewind a couple years before that i was a medical assistant, and i just knew there was something else out there that i was suppose to be doing.. but i wasn’t sure what it exactly was.

i decided to go to north hills beauty academy and during my time there i fell IN LOVE with making people feel even more beautiful, and for me that was eyelash extensions.

i’ve been doing lashes for almost 5 years, i have been a business owner for about 1 year, it definitely is a challenge but it’s the most rewarding challenge... everyday i wake up excited and ready to do what i love.

i’m insanely obsessed and passionate about doing eyelash extensions, thank you to my beautiful clients for making my career so enjoyable.