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Transforming the Delivery of Health & Wellness- from the inside & out!

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💫For those of you who may not know me, My name is Laura & I thrive on positive energy!💫

Like most young women in today’s society, I wear many many different hats; between being a mommy to a beautiful Princess to leading a team of clinicians as their Clinical Director to starting my own businesses & becoming a managing partner!

I’m a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) by trade & have been in the field for over 14 years. I have a strong passion to make an impact AND an income. For me, the personal growth & self development never stops!

I’m a firm believer in “empowered women empower women”... in other words, I’m all about hustling ladies & boss babes supporting one another and collaborating!

Last year, I took a leap of faith by jumping into some new territory & business ventures while wandering the exciting yet challenging journey of entrepreneurship!

I’ve had the pleasure of supporting one of my best friends with my clinical expertise as she turned her dream business into a reality. I assisted with the initial stages of creating the business plan & drafting the clinical operations for what I thought she could “possibly” implement “one day”. Little did I know- these “drafts”, evolved into the initial start up and discovery of CRS! Transforming the delivery of behavioral health and addiction treatment services through a virtual platform- which is our future!

Dedication took on a whole new meaning as I witnessed my best friend truly step out in the faith of God & put the work to really launch this business. Stay tuned for more! “Comprehensive Recovery Solutions” is just getting started!

In October 2020, I stepped out of my entire comfort zone and entered the world of social selling. With a giant leap of faith, I became a market partner and joined a team of powerful women with the worlds fastest growing anti-aging hair & skin care company! Im obsessed with the products (they’re vegan!) & I absolutely LOVE the community of women I’m surrounded with! I am FOREVER grateful for this opportunity as already grown so much in just a matter of 3 months! One of the mottos this company has instilled in me is to show up EVERY DAY, Make sacrifices for your future, and to “DREAM BIGGER”! If this sounds appealing to you- then we definitely need to chat!

One thing I’m super proud of is that both of these businesses have similar missions, core values, and are focused on improving the well-being of ourselves and others, specifically the mind, body & spirit! 💜

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