The Nurse with Great Hair

Hi Friends, I’m Laura Catherine

Let’s dive into the worlds of beauty & entrepreneurship! Whether you’re new to both industries or have loads of experience I’m excited you’re here.

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Here’s my story!

I’m 34, marrying my best friend this year, have a handsome 3 year old bernedoodle—> Oswald 🐩, currently working as an Emergency Room Nurse and Diabetic Educator in my local hospital.

I love so many aspects of being a nurse, but also have some aspects of it that I would rather do without. After 10 years in the profession, and 2.4 years in a pandemic I started to realize that my fire is burning out. I began suffering from nursing burnout and severe depression. I was struggling to figure out what my trigger was, and then one day it registered with me. It was my career and the stress that I thought I had under control. I craved that passion and excitement that I use to have knowing I was going into work. I was tired of working so hard for others and having that feeling of being mistreated and under appreciated. I would miss out on holidays, birthday and other important events in my life. For what? To be yelled at? Spit on? Called hurtful names?

That’s when I began my search for a new purpose and in my lap fell a beauty business opportunity. An opportunity to be my own CEO, make my own hours and to take my future investments into my own hands.

Now I promote & sell clinically-backed, anti aging luxury hair, skin & wellness products for the everyday woman and man who loves clean products that work!

Almost a year into my beauty business I have successfully curated a life I saw myself living. I am making extra income from my phone, have time with my family, and help others do the same. I am on the path to reaching the top of the company, and won’t stop till I get there.

If you’re looking to up your game whether it be clearer skin, healthier hair, or a bigger bank account, let’s talk.