The people that make me, ME

Hello there! My name is Laurel Engh Johns and I am married to the most amazing man, and together we’ve created two of the most beautiful & spirited little humans.

My husband is every bit of incredible! He works extremely hard to provide for the four us, and allows me the luxury of being able to stay at home and raise our kids, I honestly can’t, and really don’t want to, imagine how my life would of been if he hadn’t been apart of it.

My kids, Dylan & Elaine, truly are my world! They make every morning worth getting out of bed for, and the sun seems to simply shine brighter because of them.

I’ve experienced a lot in my life, some good and some bad, but I’m grateful for every single experience because I know for a fact it’s help shape me into the person I am today.

I believe that it’s important for me to share the things I love most with my kids, so that we’re able to do them together, because I know I’ll never get this time back. But I’m also excited to share with you as well!

My Green Thumb

D & E Greenery

I’ve always kind of had a little bit of a green thumb, but it’s really shine through when I was pregnant with Dylan. I think that it comes from my dad and my grandma who are both absolute wizards when it comes to all things plant related.

My love (maybe a better word to use would be obsession) for plants really kicked into high gear when I was pregnant with my daughter. It was a reason for me to get outside and take care of something, because let’s be honest, no one can control the weather & pregnant women need something to do!

It also provides me with something my son and I can work on together (that mama actually enjoys, haha)! He enjoys getting his hands in a big bucket of soil as much as I do, but his favorite is watering plants, and maybe himself, with the garden hose.

I find that taking care of a garden, potted plants, or flowers is so therapeutic for my mind. It really allows me to just quiet out the noise of whatever may be going inside myself and focus on what I’m working on. I’m a strong believer in caring for your mind, our brains have the power and ability to do so so much, so if they’re unhealthy, well so are we.

I sell my plants online on both Instagram @de_greenery and Facebook @Dylan and Elaine’s Greenery, at Lakota Ranch Farm Store, and at the Warrenton Farmers Market (during the warmer months). I love that fact that I’m able to work from home and help my husband with financially supporting our family, and that I’m able to do that with help from my little ones because that’s the BEST PART!

So whether you’re in need of a potted plant, succulent garden, air plants, a bouquet, or a garden revamp (yes, you read that right, I’ll come to you and totally redo your garden), or just simply have a plant question then I’M YOUR GO TO GAL!

Feel free to reach out via social media that I listed in the above paragraph or shoot me a text at (540) 216-4782!

I’m a lover of all animals

If you know me, then you know I’m obsessed with any and all animals! Well, except for snakes. I was 9 months pregnant and was actually bitten by a copperhead in August of 2020, which was wasn’t shocking considering how the year was playing out. I got extremely lucky and didn’t have any serious complications and actually went into labor with my daughter the next day.

So yea, other than snakes, animals are definitely a passion of mine! I’m beyond blessed that my family owns a cattle ranch that I get to live & work on! It really is a dream come true for me because on the farm we have everything; dogs, goats, donkeys, sheep, chickens, pigs, and we’re famous for our herd of Devon cattle.

Dogs have always been my favorite. They’re so special and each & every one has they’re own unique personality. I have a few fur kids of my own (Dogs: Miller, Blue, and Bella •Cats: Doobie & Kitty Forman •Ducks: Daisy & Donald) and they keep our home interesting to say the least.

We also breed & sell Border Collies on our ranch so my heart comes close to exploding every time we have a litter of pups, because they’re just so fun to watch grow up!

And if you’re in need a good dog sitter, I’m your gal!

The Farm Store

We offer grass fed & finished beef, pork, and lamb all raised on our ranch Free range eggs, honey, soaps, spices & sauces, and locally handmade treasures.

Border Collie Puppies

We breed and sell what we call Lakota Stock Dogs, because we use our dogs to help us work the ranch, so

Dog Sitting

My husband and I love dog sitting, and honestly so do our dogs! We have a huge fenced in yard for playing and love taking the dogs out and about to explore on the farm.