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Hi there! I'm Lauren, I'm 24 years old, an Entrepreneur and mummy to two little boys.

Less than a year ago i said 'YES' to a network marketing venture that has completely changed my life for the better! I am proud to be partnered with a company to inspire healthy living around the world by promoting nutritional health and well-being products online.

Never did i expect to be making an income from my phone, buiding my own business and doing it full time around my boys! I have made amazing friendships, become debt free and so much more! My aim now is to help more girls like me to earn a residual income by promoting a healthy lifestyle on social media and building a life of their dreams!

If this sounds like a opportunity you've been looking for or you have a health goal in mind then look no further!


My Health Journey

Fitness isnt about being better than someone else... It's about being better than you used to be - Khloe Kardashian

August 2019 - 4 weeks post-partum i decided enough was enough! I wanted to shift the unwanted extra weight and more importantly i wanted to keep it gone! I have always struggled with my weight. I would loose so much then pile it back on then loose it then pile it back on in a vicious cycle! So ordered my shakes and in 2 months i had lost 2 stone!! I was over the moon! And that is how my journey bagan! Yes i am still on my journey and no where near my goal but getting their!!

I am currently on a number of the products for a number of reasons! So here is the 3 helping me achieve my goals the most!

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The Shakes

The shakes fit perfectly into a busy schedule, they are 100% nutritional, contain plant protein as well as 17 varieties of the purest fruits and vegetables. We are also very different to most other brands on the market as our products are also dairy, wheat, lactose, gluten free and of course VEGAN 😍🌱


The Beauty Bundle

The Beauty Bundle is a combination of our Berry Capsules and Omega Capsules!

The Berry Capsules contain 12 different berries. Berries contain high levels of Vitamin C which is largely responsible for the health of collagen cells in your body. Collagen improves the condition of your hair, skin, nails and gums. The antioxidants and anti inflammatory properties encourage cell repair in skin conditions. The antioxidants also help to boost your immune system, metabolism and energy levels.

The Omega Capsules are a natural blend of plant based omega fatty acids: 3, 5, 6, 7 & 9! This means they are VEGAN! They are known to help with lots of diseases: Boosts eye health, support cardiovascular health, improve memory & reduce inflammation.
The capsules can also benefit your hair making it shinier and stronger. Glowing skin and better immune system function...literally endless benefits!


The Boosters

Boosters are sachets you take with water either like a juice or like a shot 30/60 mins before your meal- no meal replacement. They are known to help reduce calorie intake as they keep you fuller for longer, boost metabolism and reduce bloating and help with toning! They're made from 3 all natural fat burning ingredients, green tea, oat oil and a plant extract called glucommanan. The green tea boosts your energy and burns stubborn fat, the oat oil helps control a healthy calorie intake by reducing it by 25% and the glucommanan helps you remain fuller for longer in a healthy way, to avoid you wanting to snack!


Buisness Opportunity

Interested in what i do?

So its an amazing opportunity working from home. Generating interest & creating orders for a nutritional product. There is no stock holding, or deliveries we just literally recommend the products and use customer results. Products are for general health , Skin, Weightloss, Childrens Nutrition and MORE! Its a fab little earner and you can put in as much time as you want around your other commitments! Everyone has the opportunity to earn £119,000 in bonus’ s alone!!

So if you are somebody who wants more...
More time, more money, more fun, more friendships, more confidence, more whatever! I will teach you how to earn an extra income using social media whilst getting healthier and helping others to do the same!

Contact me:
Instagram: @lauren.bell_xx
Email: lauren.bell.jp@gmail.com

No obligation to join. Must be 18 or over x