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Lauren & Stu Dorsey.
Husband and Wife team.
Top 1% Leaders and Six figure earners in the Network Marketing Industry.

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Our Story

Thank you for sharing in our journey.

Hey! Thank you for taking the time to share in our journey.

I’m Lauren, this is my husband, Stu, and our two kiddos. We met in high school and became parents at a very young age.

I was a teen Mom, college drop out, serial job hopper, with no influence or experience in the industry.

In 2018, we were in search of an alternative health option for our daughter who was struggling mentally and emotionally. We stumbled upon a product that changed everything for us by a friend posting on Facebook. Because of that, I felt a passion spark inside of me to do the same for other Moms who may be desperately searching for answers like me.

As I evolved in the health and wellness industry, I learned there was so much more I could do and a world filled with families I could impact. And I set my heart on that.

Later that year, I was struck with one of the hardest moments of our family’s lives. We lost my father unexpectedly, in a quite traumatic way. This led us to grief, anxiety, depression and some very dark days. Each of us in our own way.

I made a promise that I would do all I could to see myself in the lens my father always saw me in. A strong, valuable woman who had so much to offer to herself, her family and all the lives she touched. This is what he always told me. And that he wished I could see myself the way the rest of the world did. And that I would learn my true value.

And so I set on a healing journey to do just that. I shared my journey through grief and darkness and to healing and light. In hopes of inspiring others who needed hope.

In January of 2020, I was introduced to a biotechnology health and wellness company. I was hesitant to step outside of what I already knew, because of how far we had come. But I learned about the back story of this company and the products.

While Science and research are important to me... alignment is what matters most. I learned about a chemist whose father was diagnosed with an illness and given a few short weeks to live. I learned that his passion to keep his father comfortable and here with him for as long as he could, is what developed this delivery system. And with that... his father went on to live a few more years. And in his passing, this chemist went on to help improve the lives of others in his father’s honor.

I felt this in my soul. I would have given anything to save my Dad. To keep him with me longer. So I KNEW there was something magical here. Something real. Something he perfected. To make a true impact in his father’s honor.

The difference I felt immediately with these products was eye opening to me! This was different. This was an evolution in the health and wellness industry. This was about to change the industry. And it is something I am so honored to represent. For his father... for my father... and for all of the fathers, mothers, and many other lives we’ll improve here with these products.

Our journey has never been just about us. It has always been about the countless lives we could improve the quality of. Physically, mentally, emotionally... and even financially.

It has nothing to do with skills, experience, influence or knowledge.... When passion and energy align with the right purpose, a legacy is born. We are simply here as a vessel to bring you the tools you need to create yours too.

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