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Everything you need to know about our Premium Starter Bundle

With twelve essential oils and multiple samples, our Premium Starter Bundle is a literal steal!

Ningxia Red

Ningxia Red has an unique story, and an even more amazing purpose for our bodies. With this YouTube link you can watch a short video on all the benefits Ningxia provides!

All about Thieves

Younglivings signature blend, Thieves, is the foundation of the entire Thieves line.
It's immune supporting, plant based ingredients, makes Thieves a superior choice to other household items.
Let's ditch and switch your toxic household items today!


- CBD is not Marijuana -

CBD helps promote feelings of calmness and relaxation for virtually everyone, including kids, adults, even our pets. Read this to find out how!

Pregnancy, Babies, and Kids

Dilution rates, must haves, and roller blends!
Here you can find it all!

Oils & Emotions

Let's take a look at what oils you can use to help support your emotions and regulate your limbic system.

Oils & Hormones

From essential oils to supplements, we can help support happy hormones with products Young Living provides.

Bare Essentials for the Bedroom

This class is filled with so many fun tips and useful tools to improve your hormone health as well as increasing intimacy in the bedroom!

How to use your new kit

Ever feeling stuck, or not sure how to use your kit? This is the perfect link for you!

Take a look at what I do

For me, it's not about the money. What drives me and keeps me going, is knowing that I am providing you with the best customer service I possibly could, and I am getting plant-based/nontoxic products on your table!

About Me

Tell the world what you’re made of

Helping you get started the right way, with your oily journey, is my top priority. Who you sign up with is important; not everyone offers support, education, and guidance the way my team and I do.

I am here to make sure you have educational resources, superior customer service, and have all your questions answered. Jumping into a new journey, no matter what it is, can be so overwhelming and confusing... but when you have a friend to hold your hand and guide you along the way, everything seems a little bit easier.

I have been using essential oils for over ten years now, and I had never found the quality that Young Living offers in any other brand or line. I went into my oily journey thinking it would just be "an easy one-stop-shop for all my oil needs". Little did I know this brands quality would SWEEP me off my feet and I would be a *for-life-er*!

It took me one year & one month to decide I was ready to become a Brand Partner and I'm never looking back. I love this business, I love these products, and I love my oily life!