HEY I’m Lauren!

a few quick facts about me:
~i’m married to the love of my life
~i’m a cat mom to a sweet calico named amelia
~i studied healthcare management and now work in this field because caring for people is my passion
~i’m an enneagram 3, which is known as the achiever
~i’m a libra ♎️ if astrology is your jam
~hockey is my favorite sport

last year, i was at my lowest low both physically and mentally. i was newly married and feeling the post wedding blues. i hadn’t been eating well or working out. i never read a personal development book in my life. i couldn’t help but feel like i was missing some of the best parts of me and my personality
that i lost during college and grad school.

so i jumped into my health and fitness journey because i just wanted to LOVE MYSELF AGAIN.

and it worked. within the first few days of working out and eating well, i felt like a new person. over the last year, my healthy habits have been building on one another and it’s safe to say my life has been completely changed.

i have spent my whole entire life wanting to help people. i thrive on working with people and taking care of them. and that is why i’m inviting YOU to jump into my bootcamp and CHANGE YOUR LIFE TOO! i can give you the tools and the knowledge you need to make these changes. all you need is the desire to change and the will to work your booty off. what do ya say girl?? LET’S DO THIS DAMN THING🤩