Lauren’s Beauty Society


Beauty Society’s exclusive line of skincare is full of high-performance ingredients to combat acne-prone, aging, sensitive and problematic skin issues as well as keeping the largest organ of the body, the skin, healthy and vibrant

Beauty Society specializes in Anti-Aging products for all ages and skin types! We offer a full 12 month guarantee on every skincare products for a risk-free shopping experience!!


Why I made the BEST decision EVER!! 🥳

In December 2020 Beauty Society offered an amazing deal, so I decided to join. I needed more product soon and I could use the 60% off your first order coupon. I NEVER thought I would sell this product, just use the discounts. Which Lorie was totally fine with!! 🤣 (It ONLY cost $9.99 a month with no minimum sales to keep all my discounts) So I figured If I plan on using this product line the discounts out way the $9.99 monthly fee.
Then Ted happen....

Ted and I have been together for 11 Years. At dinner last week Ted was looking at me weird. I said what do I have food on my face ?!?

Ted said did you start using different makeup or something? What is he talking about .... No I don’t have any makeup on (I just had Lasik Eye Surgery last month and couldn’t wear makeup) Ted said well your eyes look smooth and your face looks younger.... wait a light bulb went off ... maybe the products are working!

I started to use my regimen the beginning of September 2020, so I went back on my phone to find my before photo. Thankfully Lorie pushed me to take one! 😘 The next morning after my shower before work I took the above photo and I was amazed by the difference!!! So I decided maybe I should help other people reach their goals! I am now a true believer in this product and hopefully soon you will be too!

This is my regimen:

Am Routine:
Step 1: Set me free cleanser
Step 2: Fake ID
Step 3:Poker Face
Step 3: Youth accelerator or Our Little Secret
Extra: Immortal eyes
Step 4:Love thy Face

Pm Routine:
Step 1: Easy Going cleanser
Step 2: All nighter
Step 3: Drama Free
Extra: Perfect form around my eyes
Extra: Immortal eyes
Step 4: Love thy Face with Liquid Luxury

Right before the shower I use:
Saving face 2x-3x a week
Crystal Ball 1x a week

Perfect Form On My Neck
Our little Secret on my neck