Lauren Bellantoni

Clean Living and Better Beauty

Hi, my name is Lauren and I am all about Clean Living! Most especially when it comes to the Beauty Industry. For so long I thought I was using the best products because they were either expensive or their marketing pulled me in. I was so blind to what I was putting on my skin and using on my hair for so long. All the harsh ingredients and harmful chemicals.

I became more aware of these harmful ingredients when I became pregnant with my daughter Ashley. I was given a list of items to avoid by my OBGYN. It got me thinking....if it’s bad for the baby then isn’t it bad for me too? So I set out to find out and did my research. I was appalled to learn that the US government only bans 30 ingredients from being using in our beauty products. The EU bans over 1400! Scary isn’t it?

So I decided I was going to replace my beauty products with cleaner options. Safe for me and for the baby. I dove into this world of clean beauty and found myself completely immersed in a world of amazing products that actually worked better than any other products I have ever used!

I found two companies I’m particularly fond of! So much so I had to be part of the companies!! I love what they stood for and I am obsessed with their products!

If you are concerned about what you have been using and want more information, let’s talk! If you are’s ready to make the switch to better beauty then you have found the right person to help you with that! I would love to help you begin your journey to better skin and hair!