She Turned Her Can’ts Into Cans & Her Dreams Into Plans!

Hey you guys!

My name is Lauren and I am currently 20 years old! I am attending nursing school hopefully to graduate in 2023! Exciting right? Nursing has become apart of my family, so of course I had to follow the foots steps of it as well. You know what else runs in my family? Long brown curly hair! Over the years I would straighten my hair everyday single day! There was not a day I did not have straight hair. I hated my curly/wavy hair for some odd reason. Then I went into dying my hair. My natural hair was not curly anymore it was completely bone straight. Terrible. I then did a HUGE chop. My hair was so short. I then started taking better care of my hair. NO heat! NO hair dye! Before you know it my curls came back but not how I would like. I was even thinking about perming my hair back?! Crazy, I know! Monat is here to help me with getting my hair back to its natural curls!

Being welcomed to the Monat team is truly exciting! This is a group beautiful young ladies who want to work hard, hustle, & become something big! Being their OWN boss! Thankfully I had been around nothing but ambitious women my whole life and the dream of this opportunity of being able to partner with this incredible beauty brand is very astonishing. It’s opening new doors for me and it can open new doors for you as well! I was always concerned about starting a business cause I never knew where to start. I will no longer put my curls or my career on hold. I will follow my dreams and become beyond successful in them! I can now help others with their hair and skin journey which is something amazing to become apart of as well as meeting some new friends along the way. Always remember it’s never too late to focus on your dreams!

Text or call me if you are interested in talking more!