Lauren Jane

Your Marketing Mentor

I teach C.A.L.M Marketing inextricably linked to the cycles of the moon.

I support women who are of service to other women to offer their services in a way that’s energetically aligned with who they want to be in the world.

It’s time to say goodbye to BRO marketing and start SHE-Marketing!

Instagram with Intention

Create content that resonates & redefine how you approach it

Join me and a small group of women who are looking to reassess their relationship with social media.

You get daily support from me and a structured plan around setting new boundaries with social media use and planning how to approach it in a way that doesn’t make you feel drained.

Next group starts 18th January just before the New Moon. 🌙

SHE Marketing

Energetically aligned & Authentic

What if the methods that have been taught as THE way to grow your business feel wrong to you? The one-size-fits-all landing pages and funnels that the hustlers and 7-figure ‘gurus’ tell you to do.

You want to genuinely be of service and help people, whilst also having time to actually live instead of being hunched over the laptop or phone.

Our work is an energetic extension of ourselves, so it needs to align with our core values and personality.

I believe we have the most impact in the world by honouring our need for rest, reflection and connecting to our intuition.

SHE Marketing is my unique approach to bring in this more feminine sensitive energy to our work.

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