I’m excited you’re here! I’ll introduce myself first...

Im not *just* a hairstylist

“IM NOT A HAIRSTYLIST, IM ________ .” One of my favorite hairstylist idols said that recently and it shook me.

Im sure you’re reading this and thinking what?? Of course you’re a hairstylist! Rest assured my friend, I have not given up on my career - quite the opposite really. I LOVE my job! But I’ve been realizing I’m more than the label. I’m a type 3 on the enneagram so I’m VERY driven by ambition and success and making it out there on my own. I’m sure many of you “boss babes” get that! But to be honest I’ve always hidden behind my successes in life, whether it was sports, school or career. We are all so much more than what we do. Labels change as your circumstances/careers change and somehow you’re left with an ever shifting sense of self. So ladies and gents, I’m here to tell you, YOU ARE YOU! I’m feeling the Dr. Seuss vibes here lol but it’s true! The most important part of you is you! Not what you do. So if we get the chance to meet, I’d love to help you get to know the REAL ME and I’d be honored to meet the REAL YOU!

Fun facts about ME:
- love to travel (been to 11 countries so far)
- extrovert ( coffee dates are my fave!)
- wine 🍷 no need to explain further
- obsessed with Tiny House Nation
- full on crazy cat lady 🐱