Welcome! I’m so glad you’re here!

Always go with the choice that scares you the most, that’s going to be the one to help you grow.

I started this because I needed something new and exciting in my life. I was unmotivated, and I was tired. Tired of living the same days over and over, I was tired of letting the limited beliefs in my head win, tired of living in the comfort zone. I wanted more in life.

This was something that I was skeptical about for a while. I didn’t want to be “THAT girl”, didn’t want to look silly, didn’t want to fail and most of all didn’t want to be judged.

Then I came to the realization that the “what if’s” were never going to get me places. The only place that would keep me is in my comfort zone, right where I already was.

It is 2021, people are going to judge you NO MATTER WHAT you do, so do whatever YOU want to do! DO NOT let your fear of others opinion stop you from living YOUR life!

This isn’t just for people who are looking to get out of their 9-5 job, or for people who are looking for extra money. I joined to make an impact on not only my life but others too. I’m chasing happiness, everything else is just a bonus!