Lauren Rae

For this is who I am!

Hiya, I am Lauren Rae!

Obviously you have clicked on this link as you are a bit curious as to who I am and what I do! Oh and your KEEN on 20% off VEGAN PRODUCTS! And yes I can definitely indulge this!

But first things first! Short background;
- I’m an Aussie gypsy. Currently living in a our converted school bus in USA.
- Full time traveller for 2yrs. Visited 30 Countries. Lived in 4.
- I’m a hairdresser | Personal trainer | Yoga teacher.
- Holistic wellness is my passion.
- Dog mom
- Dreamer | Believer | Adventure Seeker

My mission is to inspire others to be confident in your own skin. And to find the courage to change their stars, take a leap and do what most people won’t!

Make your dreams into reality

Wether it’s freedom, financial, life or both. Wether it’s just a little extra play money. Wether it’s the products, the free car, the free trips. It all starts with the courage to click this link & email me!

I believe in myself! Tell me more!

Feel confident in your own skin!

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Lauren Rae

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