Wharlsblush leaked!

Here are coloring tuts, fonts, and more!

Here are somethings about me!
- my name is camila
- my bday is June 30th
- people call me cama
- I have a dog and a cat
- my aesthetic is minimal!
- I am planning to start a yt channel!
- I started this acc on March 19th ( so close )
- I used to be a roblox acc
- I loved charli since October 2019

Fonts and more!

Here are some fonts, colorings and more!

I’m going to be doing updates and more! If you want a huge font pack or my coloring then this is the place to go!

Coloring tut

You need 3 apps for this coloring!
Crees goes to — @cgdluvie

1. Go to 24 FPS and import this QR code. In order to get the QR code you need to go to search coloring ideas and her video will come right up! She has the code in that vid!

2. Go to prequel and do the following steps:
- import effect dust #1 to 50
- import stokholm to 25
- click adjust and do these
- exposure to 20
- contrast to -50
- highlights to -100
- shadows to -100
- blur is your choice
3. Go to colourtone and put Avalon to 50%

Font pack!

Here’s a huge font pack!

- alone on earth
- aracne
- autograph
- avocados
- baby doll
- basko sapi
- bebas Kai
- betterfly
- brownies cake
- butterflies
- byom icons
- candy icons
- carlisty buttery
- cat love
- CFParisOldStyle
- chasy
- cheeky rabbit
- Cheri
- Cheri liney
- children sans
- cloudy days
- cream DEMO
- cute written
- darloune
- dinomik
- DJB doodles bits
- fairy tales
- feathery
- garlic salt extras
- grunge strokes
- habede extras
- HBMserentity
- hipster icons
- homework
- hug me right
- I love glitter
- internet friends
- keep on truckin
- kg arrows
- kg coffee
- kg flavor and frames
- kg kindy miss chunky
- kg red hands

About me!

Here are some facts about me to get to know me better!

- my name is camila
- I have a dog and a cat
- my favorite color is purple/lavender
- my fav you tubers are funneh and inquisitor master
- my aesthetic is minimalistic
- I want to do a YouTube channel
- I can switch themes a lot
- my fav animal is pandas
- I LOVE miraculous lady big and I’ve watched it since seasons 1 was out
- I love all my fans sm