About Me

Who I am.

My name is Isabella but go by Bella if you’d rather. I am a mother of two beautiful children. Since becoming a mother in 2013 I felt I needed to do MORE with my life, not only for me but for my children. I upgraded a couple of my high school courses in order to prepare for a college program. After weighing all my career options I finally decided in 2016 I wanted to become a Hairstylist.

I have a passion for touching hair and creating looks that make my clients more than happy and confident within themselves before leaving. Since graduating college in 2017 and becoming a hairstylist, I have expanded my knowledge with simple INVERNESS piercing certified since 2017, Nano-Link Hair Extensions certified since 2017, as well as Eyelash Extensions certified x2 in 2019 & 2020!

I have opened my own business named ‘La Vita Bella Beauty Bar’ in the summer of 2020.

This has been my dream!

Without YOU , I would not be able to make this all happen.




Graduated from Fanshawe College as a Hair Stylist in 2017.

I have always enjoyed doing my friends & families hair at home, before choosing this career path. I never thought it could be possible for me to become a hairstylist as I had been so shy and quiet my whole life. I am proud of myself for taking the next step to further my education not only for me but for my children as well.
To be honest my first day of College was soo significant because my oldest child also started her first year of JK.
Our First Day of School
Fanshawe College has taught me MANY things aside from hair. Simple suggestions like opening up and talking with people I don’t know, not being so shy because things will be okay, and learning different techniques and life skills.
I enjoy making blondes more blonde, cuts and wanting to work on my Updo Styles.

I appreciate the instructors.

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Classics ; Hybrid ; Volume ; Mega-Volume

Ahhh the sight of gorgeous eyes with a fresh set of full lashes always puts a smile on my face. Since becoming a hairstylist in 2017 I have aspired to add knowledge and additional services alongside the hair colouring, cutting and styling.
Lash Extensions have always appealed to me and it made sense since I already knew about hair, why not expand within the beauty industry. ☺️

I personally L O V E how tedious of a service it is but in the end the final result is all worth it.


Mega- Volumes

20% Refer a friend (both will save 1 time)
20% First time

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Hair Extensions

In 2017 I became a certified Nano-Link Extension Installation Master Specialist through the Master class with Hair Flair.

Nano- Link hair extensions are known to be one of the most discrete methods of hair extension installation around the world. Recommended to have proper maintenance every 4-8 weeks, to ensure the integrity of your natural hair stays healthy.
M A N Y colours are available for colour match to accustom to your natural hair and desired look. The hair used is European Remy and comes in two lengths: 20” and 26”.
As a hairstylist, I am available to trim the hair to the desired length and shape.

**prices to be added here soon**


Ear & Nose Piercing

INVERNESS Piercing System is the safest, fastest, and the most sterilized way to pierce the ‘ C ’ of the ear, as well as through the cartilage of the nose.

In 2017 during college, I became certified to pierce the ‘ C ’ part of the ear as well as the nose. This course was offered through INVERNESS Piercing System in which they came to train me at Fanshawe College. I do offer those piercing options at my business “La Vita Bella Beauty Bar” although it is not the main service offered.

My salon is cleaned and sanitized B E F O R E each client attends their appointment; as well as directly A F T E R the client leaves.

**prices to be added here soon**

My Top Picks

I cant help but share my love of these businesses with YOU!

See what I recommend ! 🤍☺️

The Perfect Pinepple SCRUNCHIES

SCRUNCHIES locally made and sewn by “The Perfect Pineapple” There are all sorts of fabrics with different designs to choose from.
“The Perfect Pineapple” also creates adult & kids masks that are available for purchase through ‘La Vita Bella beauty bar” anytime !

External link

DIME Lashes

DIME Lashes has to be one of my favourite lash companies to order my supplies from. Q U A L I T Y classic lashes as well as volume lashes ready to be fanned by me. Great price and fast shipping!
Amazing quality!

External link

Hair Flair Extensions

Hair Flair hair extensions are 100% cuticle intact Remy European human hair. You are able to heat and style the pieces just like your natural hair. It will react the same as real human hair in humidity or decreased temperatures. The Nano- Link installation method is the safest method of hair installation causing minimal damage.
Nanos can be used to help create length for dome people or thickness for others. Nano-Link hair extensions are so small and discrete they are perfect for the people who have finer hair or even the people with mild to severe hair loss.
Hair Toppers are also something I would suggest to cover and give more fullness where it is needed most.

Glass House Cosmetics

If you love makeup you or even just wear it, this stuff is H I G H Q U A L I T Y.

Mongolian Grill

My all time F A V O U R I T E place to eat !!

I get that I choose the ingredients B U T it’s just soooo delicious☺️.