Lawson Mobile Repair

Allow us to take care of your automotive needs from the comfort of your own home .

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About Us

Lawson Mobile Repair

Lawson Mobile Repair was created during the Covid19 epidemic to service individual’s automotive needs while they sit in the comfort of their own home.

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How It Works

Please follow the below steps to receive service.

Step #1

Call or text us at 254- or email us at - from the comfort of your home and an automotive specialist will assist you with a quote for your automotive repair needs.

Step #2

If you agree to the repairs, you will receive documentation to sign via email giving our technician permission to work on your vehicle.

Step #3

You will receive a payment request from PayPal. Pay the amount requested using a form of payment accepted by PayPal. Please note that technicians are not allowed to accept payment.

Step #4

After payment has been received, will receive an email stating the name of the technician, their, phone number and estimated time of arrival.

Step #5

After your service has been completed, you will receive a short survey asking you about your experience.