some things about me <3

hope you find this card interesting<3

Hi I’m Layla aka cgdsilhouette. On my milkshake website I will have fonts, colorings, symbols, bios, captions, and more! But this card I wanted to share a bit about myself! As you may know my name is Layla and I own a fan page for Charli damelio. This is not my only fan page I have another one but I don’t post on it anymore. I’m still active on that account but I haven’t been making any content. I also have a main account which I will not be sharing. I also will probably not be sharing my age until further notice. But other than that I am comfortable with any other questions as long as your not to weird about it. I honestly don’t care what pronouns you use on me as long as it’s not he/him, but I do prefer she/her. I play the flute and I also dance, I really wanna do figure skating and think it will be very fun! When I’m older I wanna be an astronomer because I think the stars and the universe itself is very interesting. I have a younger brother and I have 2 dogs! Thank you for reading about me I hope to hear some more about you guys! Bye!