Outfit Hauls

im 56kg, 162cm

i took size XL but a bit loose on the waist for me so kena pakai belt. but i like how its goes up to my ankle!

im wearing size M, the shoulder jatuh sikit, slightly big for me, slightly lower than waist, doesnt fully cover butt, love the cutting, loose & cool material

if you're my height and weight plus has a pear shaped body, size XL leg cutting would be nice and loose. but waist is loose as well. so just style it with a statement belt

they're really comfy for a super cheaap footwears! i took size 40. i usually wear 39/40 @ 8.

its very sturdy, so far everything is okay! love it!

quite jarang, so its safer to wear a white/skin coloured inner with it. love the bubble sleeves and how breezy it feels when wearing it. its above-butt length and has a square, smocked style

my waist is 77cm, and size XL is loose on me but i could fit in my hips better than L. will just need to wear a belt with it. love the straight + flare cut at the bottom.

i finally found a wide leg pants and labuh lebih than my ankle. im wearing size 30 and its still just a bitt loose on the waist. but better than my previous purchases.

this jeans are ankle height. so if you love to style it with cool long socks, this is for you! im wearing dark blue, size L. its a bit tight on the hips until i broke the zipper lol. hips 96cm -- get XL.

its a slippery, polyester + spandex material. so it really follows your thighs. but if you take a bigger size, it will be just nice and loose. im wearing size L. i love it! ramai tanya when i pakaii <3

its length is up to your waist, and you can wear it with either turtle neck inner shirt or button up kemeja. its free sizee.

i love how the linings are so neat and the flow follows my face nicely.

super cute small croc skin shoulder handbag with chains! rm5 saja omg beli semua colour bestie

im wearing size XL. the cut and hand cuffings are so cute! you should wear it with an inner though

its freesized and length is up to just below your belly button so uh wear it with a blouse or tshirt inside yea

im wearing size L. its super comfy! and the cutting is real nice uh 100% love. it falls beyond the ankle height.

this blouse ends above the waist. looks super cute with a straight loose light denim pants. its kinda fitted on the chest area but its soo cute! i love itt

rm5.50 only for this cute, fashionable bags?! yes pleaase. get all the colours cause why not!

im wearing size 30 in soft blue. ok so i loove the cut. the length is just below my ankle which i love cause i hate it to be short. so yeah!! love love

i took size xxl cause i wanted super oversized and this came just according to its measurement. eventhough its pretty big i still like it as its super comfy to wear! its not thick cotton though yea its a rather thin material

i took size L, and its still big for me. so if you're
my height and weight i'd suggest u get size M. its super comfy though! and the cutting is really pretty very satisfied!

ni eh retro glasses trending tu. murah sangat! and good quality gett itt!

one of the bag that i'd splurge again for it. its sturdy, leather is good, good space, colour and shape is also very pretty!