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Hi I am Lauren

My biggest goal is to make the world a little bit brighter by spreading love & light.

On this page you will find forms of inspiration, empowerment, positivity & opportunity.

I’m here to connect, if you clicked that link chances are you’re looking for something more.

I've been working from my phone for about four months now. When I first started, I was a new mom that hated going back to her 12 hour shifts in the military and was looking for anyway out.

I always saw girls on instagram working from home through promoting and various other opportunities but never thought I could do that and was scared to be “that girl”.

But “that girl” is someone who is successful for herself, who is confident and who made a way for herself.

In just 4 months I went from being a mom working 12 hour shifts and coming home exhausted and hating where she was in life to working full time from my phone cuddled up to my baby boy.

This opportunity has given me freedom with my time and finances. It has given me a group of girls that encourage and push me daily. Also, given me the confidence I have been longing for.


The company I work for is a naturally based supplier for luxury, vegan & anti-aging haircare & skincare products. My job is to simply share how amazing they products are and how the business opportunity can change lives. It’s just that simple. I’m so fortunate to work for a company that not only rewards us with commissions, free products, & monthly bonuses but incentives like fully paid for trips and our cadillac car program.

Now, I bet you’re thinking “yeah that’s great for you but I could never.” what if I told you I thought the same thing when I was approached with opportunities like this before? Don’t let your doubts hold you back from living the life you want.
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