Welcome here sweet heart ! My name is Chloe & I love writing since... Since I can πŸ˜‚ I've always wanted to open a blog in English but I don't have a lot of idea... I just want to share my life, my opinion and my way to see the life ! 🀍 I hope you gonna like it ☺️ { BTW : I'm french so I probably gonna make so MANY mistakes but I try to work on it } XOXO

So : I'm an little teenage girl, named Chloe, and I'm obsesse with fall, Ariana Grande, Blair Waldorf and Harry Potter ! My hobbies are those one : danse, I'm do classic danse since I'm 6y - cinema, wich is one of the best art in my opinion - fashion, I want to create LCchic which is my childhood dream - music, because whitout music nothing will matter - and sea ! Actually what's inside it, it's wonderful !

So, for present myself, I think I have to tell you my qualities and my fault :

So let's start with my qualities, like this you won't gonna be scared πŸͺ

I'm passionate, patient, motivate, nice, honest, smart

Now my fault :

I'm soooo jalouse πŸ₯Ί because I'm so NOT confident ! I'm too anxious, stresse and I don't trust myself wich is so handicapping...
Also I'm too stubborn like... I hate when I'm wrong !!! 😣
And some people don't think it's an fault but for me it is: I too expressive about my feelings. Like I always say too my close ones that I love them, I miss them, I make them some surprised ☺️ but not a lot person are like me... So it's hurting 'cause I always give but I never received, so it make me feel like no one truly loves me πŸ’­ wich is so sad...

Hm... Yeah I have a lot of fault πŸ˜… but weirdly I have more difficulty to say my qualities ! πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

About my physic, I wot gonna post pictures of me but if it's help you I'm a blond with an comfy~chic aesthetic style β˜•
So the person on this blog always gonna be blonde & with my aesthetic 🀍

LCchic ~ positive attitude is our keys word

The crown is yours