About Me

All FAQS Are All Answered !!

FAQ ( Frequently Asked Question )
What's Your Name
My Name Is Cilla !
How Old Are You?
I Turned 13 A Month Ago! ( A Minor )
Where You From / Kakak Indo Ya?
I Am From Indonesian , Dan Iya Aku Memang Indo :D
Can You Edit Me ??
No Sorry I Don't Edit For Ppl At The Time
When Will You Open Edit Trades Or Edit Collabs?
I'll Be Opening Edit Trades Once A Year Cause I'm Busy + School Work
For Edit Collabs,, Nah I Don't Really Like Doing That Cause It Will Not Turned Out Like I Want It :')
Will You Ever Make A Toturial One Day?
No Sorry I Don't Want My Edit Style To Be Flying Around Everywhere In The Gacha Community
When Will You Open Robux Commisions Again??
I'll Be Opening Prob Next Month ( Depending If I'm Busy Or My Motivation )
What App Did You Used To Edit And What Device?
I Used IbisPaint X To Edit And A Phone To Edit !
How Long Does It Take You To Make An Edit?
Probably About 5-7 Hours Depending On How Detailed Is The Oc
Can I Get Inspired By Your Style / Heavily Inspired ?
Yes You Can Get Inspired By My Style But Pls Credit With This "@" Not This "@//" Cause That's Not A Proper Credit
About Heavily Inspired Pls No I Don't Like It When Ppl Take Heavy Inspired Out Of My Style
What's Your Tip On Getting Famous?
Well,, I'm Not Famous / Popular xD , But Heres My Tip: Be Yourself + Never Give Up :))
You Can Ask More In The DMs Or Even The Comments I Don't Mind :DD