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Here’s my story

Hey there! Thanks for clicking on my link. This page is here to keep me accountable for weight loss and how I feel about fitness.

My name is Leah and I’m a uni student at University of Plymouth studying Politics. I’ve been on and off with fitness for years and when I was at my peak I was doing sporting events like triathlons and swimming. But things took a turn in my life and saw me gain weight and at my heaviest I was 16 stone or 96kg!

Since I started uni my weight has dropped to 88kg but I want to be smaller. So here’s my plan:
* fat loss
* Bulk
* Cut
This is what I want for me and want to feel happier in myself... so here’s the page to follow the progress. Enjoy!

First of many


Hey there

If you’ve found this then welcome to my little space on the Internet! Really appreciate you taking the time to read this.

This blog, website and IG page is being used to motivate me to keep working out, getting fit and having a better life.

The blog is general will vary from recommendation to life updates.

New blogs will be put up weekly.

Hope the blogs keep you entertained and reading my story behind why I am starting this journey.


Shreddy Week 1️⃣ review

Week 1 Review

Day 1
Workout day - Upper body 💪🏻💪🏻
Absolute killer! Thought it would've started off easier but went straight in and kicked my ass. Felt really achy afterwards. Felt better after having a shower and a stretch. Felt a lot more motivated after doing it, made a list of things to do like prepping for the exam on wednesday, writing up the blog, planning for my IG page. All told I feel better in myself.

Day 2
Workout - HIIT
Routine was fine, but had a bad break down afterwards. I really felt that I wasn't where I thought I was prior to this journey. I felt really down and near rock bottom because of where I was fitness wise. For some reason I posted the video I was taking vocalising how I was feeling and the amount of love I received was absolutely amazing. I've never been in a community where I felt loved, welcomed and so supported by people that I've never met and people I've never spoken to before. This support made me feel so much better and felt comfortable enough to share my diagnosis in a longer video with people, and I received so much love for it. I honestly hope the video is capable of giving someone the confidence to get help like I did. I did start feeling guilty later on in the day because I hadn't put too much effort in revising for my exam, but I had to remember it was open book and had 2 days to do it so causing the stress is pointless.

Day 3
Workout - Arms and abs💪🏻
Changed over as I was supposed to do this as I hadn't received my resistance bands yet.
Still felt really achy after doing 2 solid days and not stretching in between.
I was absolutely dreading arm and ab day as I have the weakest upper body known to man. I was dreading the fact I would have to do sit ups and push ups... but I honestly really enjoyed it. I actually enjoyed working on my abs and arms.
I planned my day out the night before of what I wanted to do. It was exam day for me so had to do reading and choosing the questions etc. So planning my day I got so much done! Before midday I had washed and made my bed, hoovered, accessed the exam and chose my books and began to do some reading, and did my workout. I'm really happy and felt mentally so much better.
When I sat down to do some of my exam work, I felt that I couldn't concentrate, I struggled to get any sort of motivation and even changed one of my exam questions because I couldn't get along with it one bit.

Day 4
Workout - full body

I managed to finish my exam a day early which was amazing!! Felt more motivated to do work knowing that I could get that done quick so I had the rest of my day. Felt relieved but massively down because it was another normality that was to be taken away from me. I lost the normality of seeing my boyfriend, going classes, having my own space, my things. But since the virus, I have had my normality taken from me. I had to move back home, with no room, no classes, no personal space and no structure. My life as I knew it had imploded and it massively affected my mental health massively.
I did the HIIT workout with my brother in the garden which was really nice. It was nice to spend time with him as he's been busy doing work as well. It was good for him to have some exercise as well as he's been stuck doing work as well.
Workout felt really good, felt a lot more positive after doing the workout, then came back to the laptop and realised I don't have to do uni work anymore and just felt quite lost for a while.

Day 5
Workout - legs and booty 🍑
Felt better today. Began planning what I wanted to do with the spare time which was nice. I was able to focus on the things I've been wanting to do for a while like languages and focusing on doing the blog and videos so feeling better that I have the positivity back.
Workout went really well, really enjoyed it. Felt in really high spirits during it which is really good and feel really happy and confident to keep it going.

That’s the end of my week 1️⃣... if you’ve made it this fair, I’m really surprised! If you enjoyed this then feel free to message me your thoughts, I’d really appreciate it!

Lots of love