My lil backstory

My name is Leah Michaela Harmony Rhind, I am Cook Island Maori 24 years of age born and raised in South Auckland, New Zealand📍

I first started working to make an income when I was a freshie in high school, I was always told in order to make money I had to work hard for it and so I did

I got my first job as a Caterer sometimes working from early hours like 5-6am til 10:30-11pm at night

Now having this shift in mindset where I've started working for my own money I started not to care so much about school because out of all things we are taught in school it most definitely was not how to make a lot of money or become your own boss and make a living in this society

I focused more on making and spending my money on things I needed especially growing into a teenager instead of caring about trying to get into Uni like most of the people around me were at the time

I picked up part time at Mcdonalds after School to make extra money as well as my Catering job, eventually left both of them after I had finished school. I didn't even pass Level 3 that's how much I never cared I only cared about finding a job that would make me a bit of money, I found one and the pay was good enough for me at the time but it required 12 hours of my time

Now not only was my time being taken by my job so was my mental health, I was being underpaid for the amount of work I was doing, I recieved a lot of negative behaviour from my coworkers and from my pov a lot of the good workers were either picked on or gossiped about, harrasment from males, being overworked when understaffed, undervalued. Like why was I only recieving $24 an hour to work 12 hours overnight and have to deal with all that

Now that was just my work life, my personal life looked a lot different but still a bit hectic

•was renting my own place once I turned 18 but then moved back home after a year and took over the mortgage with my siblings
•had mortgage, bills, food, gas, debt, repayments to pay off
•took over house responsibilities and had younger siblings + nieces to look/clean up after
•slept most off my days off once things were cleaned and caught up on
•started getting into partying/going out on my days off
•covid hit and I honestly would have rather stayed home like everyone else but I was an essential worker
•got overly depressed and overweight during that season
•I started looking into different ways that I could make money online
•looked into ecommerce, drop shipping, crypto, network marketing and then affiliate marketing
•took me til the end of that year when covid hit to invest into Affiliate Marketing but the income potential just blew my mind
•November 2020 became my own boss
•Didn't show up to work anymore, eventually got notice
•Started earning an income online
•Started working out and transformed my body
•Started doing more of the things I've always wanted to do
•Started planning a brighter future for myself
•Started my healing journey
•Started competing in the ring
•Started meeting and socialising with so many new amazing people
•Started creating many healthier habits for myself

There is so much that I have gained since choosing to invest into this space and also myself, I wouldn't have this life that I have now if I didn't say yes to this opportunity, that is why I strongly urge you that when there is something sitting on your chest and is telling you to look into something further, then do it!