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Resources for Earthlings.

A collection of my favorite educational resources for every issue; from wildlife conservation, ocean conservation, deforestation, climate change & more. Ways to help, organizations to support and green mindfulness included! 💚

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Global Climate Change

Everything you need to know about the Global Climate Crisis! Evidence, Greenhouse Gases, The Green New Deal, solutions, and how you can help.

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Indigenous Communties & Global Climate Change

Global Climate Change is one of many forms of environmental inequalities that indigenous communities face. See the following cards for information of what’s at stake and how to help.

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Ecosystem Conservation Series

The Ecosystem Conservation Series, is a collection of pages dedicated to the most threatened ecosystems on the planet. Ranging from our rainforests, oceans and polar ice caps here you can find resources covering current threats, endangered native species and how you can get involved in protecting these ecosystems for future generations to enjoy.

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The Conservation Series: Protecting The Arctic

Interested in conserving Arctic lands, species, ecosystems and communities? Be sure to check out the links in the following pages.

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The Conservation Series: The Antarctic

Icy waters teeming with penguins and pods of killer whales, swirling clouds of krill and majestic humpback whales – the oceans surrounding Antarctica are some of the most pristine and productive in the world. It is a powerhouse of the world's climate. This is where waters from all the northerly oceans meet and mix and sink, and where deep currents and winds drive the oceanic conveyor belt.

Its incredible biodiversity is threatened by climate change, as well as increased fishing and tourism. Geopolitical pressures and new interests in Antarctic natural resources are escalating. As global fisheries become depleted, there is growing interest to expand fishing efforts throughout the region.