Welcome luxe beauties!

Let’s get to know each other ;)

Hi my loves! My names Leah and welcome to my site! I am so excited you’re here and I cannot wait to get to know you all!

I created this page as a be all for all things luxurious. I have passions in so many different areas of beauty and I am partnered with a few different companies in the field! Here you will find some more information about me, the products I love, and how to try them for yourself!

About me!

Whatcha wanna know?!

For starters, my names Leah. I could talk for days so I’ll try my best to make this short and sweet. I am 24 years old and live outside of Boston. I grew up on the ocean on this little island and couldn’t imagine anything different.

I am a labor and delivery nurse and absolutely love my job. I couldn’t imagine not doing what I do, it really is the best job ever to help bring life into this world and everyday I feel so grateful to have my dream career. I am a very hard worker and I have always been, from having a job since 12 years old to taking on lots of responsibilities, taking AP classes to get into nursing school, and juggling sports and hobbies/friends.

I have had an interest in and passion for beauty ever since I was a little girl. My mother, aka my absolute best friend, is an esthetician so growing up I truly had that passion instilled in me. I have learned SO much from her and continue to, and for that I am so lucky.

I started watching makeup YouTube videos while I was in middle school and literally would hide it from my friends and family because it was unheard of and not the “cool thing” to do. With age, I have grown so much in my self esteem, self respect, confidence.
(Thank goodness- we all know how it is to struggle as a teenager)

With that being said, I am very excited to introduce this site with my beauty Instagram and all of the companies I trust and believe in!

Not only do I want to share all the things I love, and tips & tricks that I’ve learned, but I hope to promote inside beauty and wellness as well!

I have a huge passion for self care, self confidence, health & welness- inside and out.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and check out my site, you can always contact me with questions about absolutely anything!

I want to be a resource for everyone in any and ever aspect I can, so please do not be afraid to reach out! I am so excited to get started and get to know you all. Xo