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My name is Leah Vachani.

First, a little bit about me…

I’m usually running around after my 4 boys (2 youngsters, a boy puppy, and my hubby 🤪) while trying to keep everyone well fed and healthy! My past career was as a health coach/nutritionist but my passion for empowering women to feel confident and badass in their skin, their relationships, and their finances led me to partner up with an amazing new brand that aligns with everything I embrace.

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FUN. 🤩

I’ve been an entrepreneur for years now and to be honest, it’s really hard work. But, I’m ok with hard work. I LOVE helping people live healthier and feel amazing.

But I never knew it could be this FUN until I was approached to help launch a new lifestyle brand.

In fact, at first, I was like “no way am I adding ANOTHER THING to my overflowing entrepreneur plate!!”

But I was drawn back like a moth to a flame. There was just something soooo intriguing about this company. And as I learned more, i totally started to get it.

A company that EMPOWERS women to grow and achieve their dream while feeling beautiful and confident in the clothes they wear. 💜

A company that makes it SIMPLE to share what you love and succeed in growing your income. 💜

A company that is so FUN because of the kind of women who surround you?? 💜

YES! I finally found those 3 things that I hadn’t even realized I needed in my life until... there they were! FUN. SIMPLE. EMPOWERED. 🙌🏻

In these crazy times we live in, I said ‘YES’ and I am so grateful that I didn’t make up a string of excuses like no time, no energy, etc. I swallowed my fear and jumped in.

YOU can do this too! YOU can renew your spark, join an empowered community of growth mindset women, transform yourself and reach the goals you have been dreaming about. 👏🏻

Also, you can do all that while looking 🔥 in the most amazingly soft & flattering leggings 🙌🏻

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