Creating my dream life at 21 years old

Traveling & graduating debt free? Umm yes pls.

Assuming you’re new here, let me tell you a little about myself. I’m a traveler & student. My passion lies in personal progression and always striving for more. Business has always been an interest of mine since a young age, but I never thought I would be here in sales. My career goal is to create and implement solutions as a self-employed manager. I also help other women learn how to make money online so they can pursue their own specific dreams.
With no background in social-selling, or even much experience using Instagram, I learned how to monetize my social media. I went from a girl with a lot of big goals but no money to fund them... to traveling & enjoying the world, while also preparing to finish school debt free. This job has given me the freedom and funds to live life on my terms, and be rewarded for the work I put in.
I am here to help. Whether you’re a mom, college student, 9-5er, or free spirit, anyone is capable of learning. If you’re looking for an extra income, need a community of empowering women, want more freedom or just something to fill your cup—we need to chat.
Plant based and anti-aging products are my thing, so if you’re struggling with your hair or skin or just looking for some non-toxic and clean products—I’d love to help.
Feel free to ask me if I have spots open for social media mentoring! They go quick🖤