Let’s change your life for the better!

My name is Leanna Rivera-Dinh. I am 21 years old, born in Newburgh New York and raised in Orlando Florida. I’m a wife and a mother of one beautiful 1yr old daughter! Becoming a mother has not only taught me independence and unconditional love, but it’s also taught me about how important it is to take control of my life. I searched and searched for things I called a career and they weren’t for me.

My family supported everything I chose but I wasn’t motivated for those “careers”. The lack of motivation came from the thought of working for other people. Making money for someone else is not what I wanted to do! I wanted to be my own boss! Make money on my time when and where I wanted! So that’s what I did! An opportunity to invest in my own business was right in front of me for MONTHS. I hesitated for soo long, but I finally took my opportunity and ran with it!! I have partnered with a natural based hair and skin product company. What I do is inspire other people like myself to better their hair/skin or join me! Get paid in 10 different ways, work when you want, and have more time with friends and family! Life is about taking risks! This is a risk I wish I had taken a long time ago because now I’m happy, motivated, and get to be present in my daughters developing moments! I hope I have inspired you or made you interested. If so keep reading!!!