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I love the beach, which is why i sorta have a “tropical” theme , my aesthetic is definitely beach core, i go surfing every 2 days with my irl bsf Ava! I try to work in my grammar for school. Which is why you may see lots of punctuation. My friends think i use it when im mad, like i say “okay.” And they say “why are you mad?” While texting, but its just to help my skills, im not mad! I promise.

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About my fandom!

I started watching charli damelios videos in 2019, i saw her do a dance when she bleached her hair brown again in December 2019 with blue leggings on. I remember that like it was yesterday! i obviously didn’t know what a fanpage was back then, but i was truly a big fan of her. I started my account in 2019 as well when I just posted dancing videos but in early 2020 i started doing gacha life videos! i made my whole account about that in maybe February? March? Something like that, then I decided to be a fan page on the date 7-13-20! I became a sunkin, and I also got Addison raes merch for my birthday! (Well the day after it) my birthday is may 23rd, i was so happy! Later in august i used to switch all the time! It went from a sunkin, to a dunkin, to a sunare, to a sunkin, to a Ellie fp, to a Zoe fp, etc! It was like I used my idols, but I just wasn’t comfortable in any of those fandoms and i was trying to find one.. But now i am so happy in the dunkins fandom. I got charlis merch, and book for Christmas as well! She also needs a lot of support right now because of all the haters , and rumors. She said she was to quit, but i think im behind on what’s going on because she just posted a new video.

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My birthday, sign, sexuality, and family!

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I am a Gemini. I was born may 23rd 201* , many of my friends are older than me, and i am not to say my real age. My birth stone is a emarald and my lucky color is yellow i believe. My sexuality is bisexual. And i have a online gf Julie, in my house hold, their is my mum, my dad, my brother, and me of course. My mom is a Scorpio. My dad is an Aries. And my brother is a Aries (so annoying omfg) anyway, i think that’s all! Look in the little recommendations for pictures of me in 2019-2020!